BDL4LIFE Entertainment Signs Tommy T to A Distribution Deal

BDL4LIFE Entertainment CEO and founder Black Ice, has been working hard to make the record label and distribution company a household name now he Signs Tommy T

Online PR News – 04-September-2014 – Miami,Fl – Tommy T possesses the talent and musical passion to make a major impact in the entertainment/musical industry with his heart touching flows and sense of urgency found in his lyrics, backed up by the hardships and struggles Tommy T has endured throughout life. He began rapping at age 11 with his brother Dragnizzle on their front porch with a dream of just bein heard. Tommy T spent his early life in Arcadia Fl. Raised by his grandparents Tommy T kept his head in a book and avoided the streets, after the death of his grandmother the streets became Tommy T's home. In 2001 Tommy T left his home and relocated in various places until he settled in Iowa in mid 2006 and not long after got back on the trail of his passion for music and released a mixtape entitled "My Pain". The mixtape contained features from Dragnizzle, D. Bill., E.I., Nove and Exactasy. Tommy T has worked with artists such Dragnizzle, Yung Shy, D.Bill, Yung Rico, Rico Redd, Filthy McNasty, FatBoi Fresh of Zoe Nation and Team Flordia's own D.J. Purfiya.

With the release of Morning Lights Tommy T is going be turning heads with the realness of his lyrics. Tommy T will be releasing an upcoming mixtape entitled "Lost Teachings" and it is bound to be an eye opener which will be out Late 2014 . Tell them fakes to step asie and let the truth be heard. Tommmy T signed a deal with the BDL4LIFE Entertainment the announcement was made today by Black Ice, President and Chief Executive Officer of BDL4LIFE Entertainmemt. Snowhite productions received a lucrative offer just sealed an exclusive game-changing deal struck a global digital distribution agreement with BDL4LIFE Entertainment to provide the largest digital distribution channel. Almost all other distributors reach 20-30 retailers at most. BDL4LIFE Entertainment colossal, world-wide range, reaches hundreds of major retailers and mobile partners in over 100 countries.

Tommy T real name is Tommy Hillard but he perfers Tommy Blandin in respect of his teacher, mother, grandmother and biggest fan Mary L. Blandin (R.I.P. 03/29/2000).

Tommy T lives by the motto "Good is the man that thinks outside the box, but wise is the man who realizes there is no box." I Have No Limits.... Tommy T