Professor Luciana Lagana’s Dr. Luciana Show – Aging & Falling Wins 2nd Place at AOF Film Festival.

A gerontology show on preventing and minimizing falling in older age receives an award at the 2014 Action on Film International Film Festival.

Online PR News – 04-September-2014 – Los Angeles, CA – Psychology Professor and gerontology specialist Luciana Lagana, also known as Dr. Luciana, won second place for best TV show with the Dr. Luciana Show – Aging and Falling at the 10th Action on Film International Film Festival, which took place on Saturday August 30, 2014.

Written and directed by Luciana Lagana, the Dr. Luciana show explains the steps that older adults can take to avoid life-threatening falls. "Falling in older age is a critical topic in geriatrics," states Dr. Luciana. "And it's not just sickly older individuals who have a tendency to lose their balance and fall, but relatively healthy seniors too." In the show, Dr. Luciana and her guest speakers also explain what younger people could do to help older adults avoid dangerous tumbles.

In an attempt to fulfill an unmet need in the lives of a world-wide growing number of seniors, Dr. Luciana is completing post-production on the show’s 16 five-minute episodes. The show also targets risk factors contributing to older adult falls and describes techniques that seniors could adopt - in collaboration with their health care professionals - to prevent falls and related injuries. These techniques include ways in which older adults could increase their strength, balance, and flexibility.

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Written by Kristyan Kouri, Ph.D.

Luciana Lagana, Ph.D., is a caring clinical and experimental psychologist and an established professor of psychology, gerontology, sexuality, and women’s health at California State University Northridge (CSUN), where she teaches classes and mentors many students. At CSUN, she also conducts government-funded research on ethnically diverse, primarily low-income older women’s physical, psychological, social, and sexual health. Concerning her artistic pursuits, in her teenage years, she acted in a touring theatre company in Italy and, since 2006, she has been studying acting and hosting in Los Angeles. Dr. Luciana is an award-winning actress and screenwriter. She has 38 IMDb credits for acting in independent movies and TV series.