Quality Rugged Computers for Rough Use

Acura Embedded is a manufacturer and distributer of rugged industrial embedded systems in Surrey B.C.

Online PR News – 04-August-2010 – – In order to solve all military and industrial computer needs of individuals, Acura Embedded is offering rugged computers which are perfect for rough use. These rugged computers are highly advantageous and can be easily used in vehicles, industrial sections as well as public environments.

All the products offered by Acura Embedded are highly efficient and can be used in any conditions. Its products include:

PowerBrick computer
This kind of rugged computer can work properly in harsh mobile and stationary industrial environments. It is mainly used in three departments. These are Fire, Police and Emergency Medical Services.

This rugged computer comprises of two touchscreen and is highly useful. It has a dual independent video system which is well-capable of operating both the touch screens at the same time.

It is an excellent quality rugged computer whose computer power is almost similar to a desktop computer. It is highly useful in documentation, evidentiary, surveillance, training etc.

PowerBrick Atom
This product of Acura Embedded works on solid-state technology. It has a heat-sink design which reduces the need of cooling fans. It is wrapped in the dimensions of 7.6" x 4.25" x 2.15" and has a weight of 2.5lbs which makes it perfect for carrying out all kind of applications.

All these four rugged computers come under the PowerBrick range.

AcuTab mobile table computer
It is one of the best rugged computers which is high-technology based and is convenient to use.
In this way, Acura Embedded is very well looking after the rugged-computer related needs of the individuals and is providing them with innumerable options to choose from.

Acura Embedded is a Surrey-based manufacturer as well as a distributer of rugged industrial computers which are perfect for rough or outdoor use. The company along with its trained team and standard products is winning the trust of individuals.