Wooden Toy Box Manufacturer Shares Tips For Buying A Toy Box That Will Last For Years

WoodToyBox.com touts quality construction and toy box safety among the key features to look for when purchasing a wooden toy chest.

Online PR News – 02-September-2014 – Bismarck, ND – WoodToyBox.com knows what makes a good toy chest and wants to share that information with consumers who are planning to make one of these purchases. The company designs and manufactures 100% wooden toy boxes that provide families with years of use.

"There are so many choices when it comes to storing toys that many parents just grab whatever is convenient, but that can backfire. Low-quality products won't last long and will need to be replaced sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, the house is cluttered with plastic containers. Wooden toy chests are beautiful, durable and complement the home's décor, not detract from it," explained Bob Beck, founder of Wood Toy Box (http://www.woodtoybox.com/>).

Beck recommends looking for these design features when buying a toy box:

• Construction materials. Wood will be stronger and more durable than plastic. It's also a natural resource that does not contain the petrochemicals that plastics can. Wooden chests come in a variety of colors and styles and blend in with home décor better than plastic containers.
• Safety features. Toy box safety should come first. Beck recommends never buying a toy chest that does not have lid supports. These supports prevent the lid from falling down no matter what position it is in, helping prevent head bumps and pinched fingers. Finger holes are another feature to look for. These cutouts provide a safe place for little fingers and even provide fresh air to the interior of the box; important for kids who like to play hide and seek or tend to nod off inside their toy box.
• Size. Don't skimp on size. Even chests that are just a bit larger than the previous size can hold exponentially more toys. For example, a 36"x18"x18" holds almost twice as many toys as 30"x15"x15".
• Personalization. A personalized toy box will stand out from mass-produced items and become a keepsake for years to come. Heirloom quality pieces can be passed down from generation to generation with uses that extend far beyond simply storing toys.

"We are seeing more and more people who want to make the best purchase possible, not necessarily the cheapest. Wooden toy boxes are popular with cost-conscious and eco-friendly shoppers as well as those who yearn for a return to traditional, quality manufacturing," said Beck.

To learn more about the company's wooden toy boxes or to view their products online visit www.woodtoybox.com.

About Wood Creations, Inc. and WoodToyBox.com: Wood Creations Inc. is a family-owned business that produces handcrafted toy boxes, memory chests and keepsake boxes. Operated by Bob and Julie Beck, the business started many years ago after creating storage boxes for toys for friends and relatives who had children and has further expanded since then. With a multitude of various toy boxes and chests for blankets with either special designs or personalized lettering offered on the site, Wood Creations has something for everyone.

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