WREA Brings Real Time Diagnostics to Demand Response for Smart Grid

WREA offers advanced real time diagnostics on power usage data, by bringing alerts into mobile devices.

Online PR News – 02-September-2014 – Las Vegas, NV – WREA (Western Renewable Energy Analysts, Inc.), a leading provider of smart grid solutions, Last year the company had announced automated support for seamlessly using social media to bring huge savings and system efficiency using demand response in the usage of energy for residential, commercial and industrial settings.

WREA’s main product offering, Environmental Management Systems for Professionals (EMSPRO), which it resells packaged with personnel support, is able to offer real time power usage diagnostics. This is among one of several features offered by the company using EMSPRO in addition to doing social media alerts. The gathering of the real data is done using hardware interfaces from Rainforest Automation Inc., of Vancouver BC, which captures the Zigbee signal from smart meters. EMSPRO thus brings greater flexibility with using real time data by being able to act on the data and provide next generation diagnostic capabilities for demand response. EMSPRO also is able to convert the real time data and import the Green Button data. EMSPRO natively also supports Green Button data using cloud technology.

Mr. Scott Foster, CEO of WREA had this to say “We have been continuously delivering cost savings options to our customers through the advanced use of technology, such as in EMSPRO. This is world leading technology, making it the best in the world in its class. It gives you the ability to continuously see chosen diagnostics of real time data and intelligently be able to act on the data as it happens. The pioneering nature of this very clearly scored. Also the user is allowed to set customizable social media alert codes, so entire departments in the case of industry, could be alerted. By combining the power of social media and intelligently acting on real time power data, we present a powerful solution for all sectors to use.”

About WREA Inc:
WREA Inc is a leading global supplier of products for the smart grid industry and is a pioneer in bringing the power of technology for vast savings in cost, increased efficiency and robust operations in energy management and its’ related environmental and economic aspects.