Azteco Bitcoin Opens its Doors to New Vendor Applicants

Azteco, the easiest way to buy the new internet payment token Bitcoin, pens invitation to apply to become an Azteco Vendor.

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Azteco Bitcoin Opens its Doors to New Vendor Applicants


Azteco, the easiest way to buy the new internet payment token Bitcoin, enters its final stage of development before full launch with an open invitation to apply to become an Azteco Vendor. Earlier this year Azteco opened its Bitcoin store in London's Shoreditch, becoming the first Bricks and mortar Bitcoin store in the UK and EU.


Azteco is the easiest way to buy Bitcoin, through its system of simple vouchers that can be redeemed to any Bitcoin address.

Founder and serial entrepreneur Akin Fernandez said, " Buying Bitcoin is unnecessarily hard. We solve this problem with a simple, fast and elegant solution, that's easy for users and easy for vendors. Our vouchers are not only easy to use, but are easy for vendors to dispense. Azteco vendors don't need to purchase any special equipment or Bitcoin; they can use a laptop and printer that they already own to start selling Bitcoin straight away, and they do it without any financial risk."

"Bitcoin is set to change the way people send money globally, and this will be especially powerful and transforming for the third world diaspora, eliminating the financial network access problems that plague the "un-banked", helping them to break out of the poverty cycle".

With Bitcoin, anyone can send money to anyone else anywhere in the world. They can also buy anything on the web without a credit card, and without any possibility of payer fraud. Now the un-banked don't need an expensive mobile phone to use Bitcoin. All they need is cash and a simple voucher.

Bitcoin has entered a new phase of rapid international development and use, with tens of thousands of on-line retailers accepting the revolutionary new payment method.

Bitcoin is set to be a boon for e-commerce. People from all over the world now have access to goods and services without any risk of payment failure or dreaded chargebacks. Bitcoin processing fees are also much lower than any other payment method. Both the merchants and the customers benefit; faster payments, zero fraud, global access and extremely low fees.

So far, the advantages of Bitcoin have started to emerge on the retailer side; the missing piece of the puzzle has been how to get Bitcoin into the hands of consumers. Now the user side is beginning taken care of by innovative start-ups like Azteco.

According to Fernandez, "The Bitcoin wave began with retailer adoption. Too many users with Bitcoin chasing a handful of retailers would make it hard to answer the question, "Where can I spend Bitcoin?". With retailer adoption going viral ahead of consumer growth, soon it will be possible to say, "anywhere" in response to that question, and as to what you can buy with Bitcoin, the answer will be "anything".

"Bitcoin is not only perfect for e-commerce, it is very useful for sending money from person to person, and that use case does not depend on retailer adoption" Said Fernandez, whose predictions on Bitcoin have been prescient.


"Currently, getting Bitcoin is still hard. Azteco makes it very easy, and its also very fast. There are no unnecessary interrupting steps in Azteco." said Fernandez, "Using Bitcoin is not any more difficult than sending a text message from your mobile phone. Everyone would laugh at the idea of a centralized text messaging service where you have to manually log in to send a text; Azteco goes one step further, removing the need for a mobile phone altogether."

Obviously the 2.2 billion un-banked in the world will not be using Bitcoin with the latest iPhone. They need a way to enter the e-commerce world where their money goes straight to the retailer without any extra expense or complications. Bitcoin services provide a stable, secure and fraud free ecosystem that does this, which goes some way to explain why entrepreneurs like Fernandez are so exited about it. "Its like the internet in 1995; few could have predicted the profound changes it would bring to society, and Bitcoin is going to unleash benefits on a scale we cannot begin to calculate".


Azteco wants to be the default way of getting Bitcoin for millions of people globally. "We already have two vendors in Africa signed up, where there is only one Bitcoin ATM in Cape Town" said Fernandez. "We have the potential to quickly dominate the consumer Bitcoin space because the Azteco Vendor system is nearly frictionless compared to all other Bitcoin retail offerings". Azteco is inviting businesses world-wide to apply now so they can join the first wave of Azteco Vendors, without any obligation. Vendors should apply at and they will be processing applications in strict order.


The Azteco approach to Bitcoin removes risk from all parties by eliminating the need for expensive, bulky, custom physical equipment. "Bitcoin is often called a "Virtual Currency"; why would you need an expensive non virtual infrastructure to sell it?" asks Fernandez.

Azteco's novel approach means that its vendors do not have to invest in complex, expensive and vulnerable equipment that needs to be shipped thousands of miles. Azteco terminals are entirely virtual; that means they can run on any computer, anywhere, at any time. Its a forward thinking approach for a forward thinking currency, shedding the baggage of the 20th century.

"Our vendors are protected by a three way agreement where top London law firm Keystone Law holds the Vendor Bonds securely. These bonds are 100% returnable to the vendor. Rather than spend thousands on an ATM, our vendors can use that money immediately to start selling Bitcoin across all their sites, simultaneously, risk free."

"We do not charge our vendors by the number of sites they have. In the unlikely event of one of our vendors finding that profiting from Bitcoin is not for them, they can close their account and have 100% of their bond returned to them. No bulky, depreciated ATM equipment to sell off at a painful loss, and no problems. Its a clean, no risk proposition for all parties. We are lowering the barrier to entry for businesses that want to sell Bitcoin to their clients, and our solution is the simplest, least expensive and most efficient".


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Azteco is a start-up created to simplify Bitcoin so it can be used by anybody. Based in the United Kingdom.

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