Chifro Studios all set and ready to launch a new quiz-based application called QUIZOHOLIC.

Online PR News – 01-September-2014 – Delhi NCR – New Delhi, India – Cognitive challenges have been one of the most interesting ones to tackle, irrespective of countless hurdles of numerous types. Time and again human beings have proved the validity of the above-mentioned sentences with their enthusiastic cognitive endeavors by taking part in quizzes. Chifro Studios, a premier mobile-application development company, is the latest one to take this ‘validity’ to the mobile-app platform by coming up with a variety of interesting and challenging educational apps. The latest among them, christened Quizoholic, will appear before the world this week on Google Play Store.
Quizoholic consists of quizzes containing MCQs based on a wide variety of subjects. However, what set this application stand side from its cousins is its volatile character. The features already present in this application will witness the inclusion of newer features within a short span of time. The integration of social media is a primary aspect of educational mobile application these days and Quizoholic is no different. Hence, the integration of Facebook and Twitter is present in this application.
The overall target audience will include parents, brothers, and sisters along with kids with the launch of Quizoholic this week since the quizzes are attractive for all age-groups.
A result of a sudden idea during a floor-walk, this application promises a whole new experience for users with a bounty of features other than just multiple-choice questions. For example, there is one category called Spot the Difference which simply requires players to identify the difference between two images.
About Chifro Studios
A vision was formed in 2013 and went on to get materialized in the same year in the form of Chifro Studios – A company which carves learning experiences on the touch screens of mobiles and tablets and it is needless to say that that these learning experiences are fun and engaging. Educational apps of Chifro Studios set the platform for young minds to harp their creativity and critical thinking skills to accomplish learning with a prominent touch of immediate feedback and goal alignment.
To put in a simple sentence, Chifro Studios brings forth educational mobile applications for children and adults alike.

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