Innopinion Ltd announcing new clients, services, funding, Board member and charity

Innopinion Ltd chosen among 50 Most Investable StartUps in Europe, announces new products, clients, new Board member, seed funding, and charity arm.

Online PR News – 01-September-2014 – Oulu – PRESS RELEASE, PUBLIC September 1st, 2014
Innopinion Ltd.

Innopinion Ltd has been chosen among 50 Most Investable StartUps in Europe by the European Investor Gate, and announces today several new products, reseller model, new clients, new Board member and seed funding, and announces its own charity arm.

Innopinion is today announcing 3 new products for different types of crowdsourcing and co-creation needs, opens the technology platform for value-adding resellers and distributors, is taking seed investment from Opal Blue Ventures whose founder Anastasia Haysom is joining the Board, publishes a 5-year contract with Swedish Care International and announced Internationalization plans for the Queen Silvia Nursing Award with first new country being Finland, is preparing a campaign in Indonesia to help the newly elected president to identify the most important issues the new government should address, and has established a charity organization to support social innovation and co-creation for common good by the means of Innopinion’s platform and services.
Innopinion has been chosen to participate the Silicon Stroll Bootcamp incubation program in Dublin before and during the Summit in November as part of their nomination as one of Top 50 most investable startups in Europe. The nomination was made out of almost 4500 European Investor Gate startups. Additionally Innopinion has been named semifinalist at the Webit Congress’ Founders Games competition, taking place in Istanbul early October, and nominated in the final top 4 amongst JCI’s Productive Idea competition in Finland.
Innopinion has signed a 5-year contract with Swedish Care International to run the Queen Silvia Nursing Award competition and to help Internationalizing it. The Award was first introduced in 2013 to honor HM The Queen’s 70th birthday. The first competition in 2013 became an instant hit in Sweden, and has now become an annual award. The first International expansion will start immediately in Finland, where Innopinion will take care of the localization of the campaign. The winners of both competitions are rewarded by the Queen herself early 2015.
Innopinion’s first Asian campaign will run this fall in Indonesia to support the newly elected president in finding the most important issues the new government should address. The campaign is nationwide. It is also the first campaign supported by Innopinion’s new charity arm, My Opinion Charity. My Opinion will choose annually 5-10 campaigns around the world which it will co-ordinate together with other NGOs. My Opinion invites all interested parties to discuss their cause and the suitability of the campaign to benefit from Innopinion.
SomePitching online business idea competition is scheduled to run this November, using Innopinion’s new Jury Manager service package. The unique competition has gained global attention for its groundbreaking ways of working in allowing the general public to evaluate business ideas together with a global professional Jury. The first Jury members, the renewed concept and first partners and prizes are announced today. New announcements are made all the way until the competition starts November 3rd. The pre-registration is opened today for both the public and the contestants. First Jury members include e.g. Bill Reichert from Garage Technology Ventures and Paul Bragiel from I/O Ventures from the U.S. with other Jury members announced from Australia, Finland, South Korea, Indonesia, and the UK. Many more names will be announced at later stage. More information available at
Innopinion’s 3 new products are announced today for different types of co-creation and engagement needs;
• Innopinion Idea Factory – service for engaging personnel and business partners to strategy work, product development, internal innovation, and development of working environment.
• Innopinion Market Insight – service for engaging existing or potential customers to peer-evaluating feedback, service development, marketing, and customer loyalty and brand awareness campaigns.
• Innopinion Jury Manager – for organizations wanting to arrange open challenges or idea competitions, or generally using a large peer-evaluation group or Jury for content analysis. The process is automated and engaging for extremely large jury’s or competitions with significant number of applications or ideas.

Additionally Innopinion is opening the platform for value-adding resellers and distributors, such as market research agencies, innovation and R&D consultants, advertising / comms / (social) media agencies, survey and market analysis providers, and management consultants. The VAR-version of Innopinion is named Innopinion Mind Engine.
The first resellers have piloted with Innopinion successfully selling their services and Innopinion together to several global bluechips, telecom operators and software consultancies.

For more information:
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