The Christos Key, forthcoming novel by Edmund Kwaw questions, Is Jesus the only Son of God

Author Edmund Kwaw pens a suspenseful story that explores the possibility that God incarnates himself from age to age and so Jesus is not the only son of God; and further that Christianity is not the one true religion.

Online PR News – 04-August-2010 – – TORONTO, ONTARIO, AUGUST 2, 2010 – In his forthcoming suspenseful novel, The christos key, Edmund Kwaw, author of The Magdalene Code, explores the astrological mystery behind the Magi’s visitation of Jesus at his birth, and the possibility that God incarnates himself from age to age and so Jesus is not the only son of god. The novel also suggests that Christianity is not the one true religion; and that all existing religions are ephemeral and intended to pave the way for the one true religion which is yet to come.

Kwaw is currently seeking a literary agent for his novel.

In the novel, a temple in New York City belonging to a secretive little-known Order called the Knights of Osiris is burgled and a casket reputed to contain an ancient sacred Key --- the Christos Key; but in reality a decoy casket, is stolen. The only clues left by the burglar are the mangled body of a murdered catholic priest, and the cryptic Latin phrase, laudate jesu christi that the burglar spray paints on the walls and altar of the temple. Who is the mysterious catholic priest found murdered on the premises of a purportedly pagan organization, and what was he doing there?

NYPD veteran Lieutenant James Jackson, who is charged with investigating the murder of the catholic priest, and his estranged daughter, Stephanie Wilson, an investigative reporter and friend of the murdered priest who comes into possession of the murdered priest’s journal, must shelve their differences and embark on a quest to obtain answers. They soon find themselves entangled in a chilling web of international subterfuge, conspiracy, and terror, spun by extremist elements at the Vatican, a fanatical doomsday cult leader, intelligence agencies, and a terrorist cabal. Each group seeks to possess The Christos Key for reasons that have to do with wielding power.

While The Christos Key is a work of fiction, author Edmund Kwaw draws from remarkable theories that, if true, could potentially rock the core of Christianity, and pre-conceived notions of world religions. According to Edmund Kwaw, "if one believes, as the adherents of some faiths do, that God incarnates himself from age to age, then Jesus cannot be the only son of God." A controversial and well-researched thriller, The Christos Key is a masterful blend of ancient mystical secret, religious conspiracy and thrilling adventure. It is sure to intrigue and captivate readers.

About the Author
Based in Toronto, Edmund Kwaw, is the Executive Director of the Gift of Music Foundation, a registered Canadian charity that he established to provide music education to youth from low income families who would otherwise not have the opportunity. A former lawyer and law lecturer, Kwaw is also the author of four nonfiction books, The Law of Corporate Finance in Canada; Grey Areas in Eurocurrency Deposits and Placements; The Law & Practice of Offshore Banking and Finance; The Guide to Legal Analysis, Legal Methodology and Legal Writing, and two fictional works book titled The Messenger, and The Magdalene Code. Kwaw is currently working on his next novel.

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