Sell Diabetic Test Strips is Raising Awareness of Counterfeit Test Strip Companies

Sell Diabetic Test Strips is helping to spread awareness of companies that are sprouting up all over the United States offering discounted diabetic test strips.

Online PR News – 01-September-2014 – Ossian Indiana – There are an
increasing number of companies popping up offering Diabetic Testing
Strips at a discounted price. They often will call you at random
times, and you wonder how did these people even get my number. While,
some of these mail-order companies may be good, Sell Diabetic Test
Strips warns that a lot of these companies sell counterfeit brands
that they claim to be authentic.

According to, the counterfeit
test strips are not only illegal, but they can give inaccurate
readings due to not being truly compatible with the meter as well as
not having the technology of the authentic brand. On top of that,
these counterfeiters often do not store the test strips in the proper
ways and that also can lead to directly impacting a bad reading or
failed read out when a diabetic tries to test.

These are not only very dangerous and can lead to diabetic comas, but
they can lead to death. There have been reports of counterfeit
testing strips making their way into the the consumers hands and
having devastating effects. That is why Sell Diabetic Test Strips is
helping to spread awareness of these types of testing strips companies
and their practices.

To make sure you are staying on top of your testing, make sure the
doctor knows the company that you are working with. Do not be fooled
by companies that lure you in with promises, they will sometimes
deliver, but often times will end up downgrading your meter and
testing strips to a lower quality brand so they make more.

Always do business with a reputable company and when you are looking
to get cash for
diabetic test strips when you have more than what you need, please