USBsmg now offering Printed Portable Smartphone Chargers

USBsmg, a leading provider of custom USB Flash drives is now offering a full line of custom imprinted Power Chargers and coordinating accessories.

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Imprint Your Business in a Flash and Charge Up

Boca Raton, FL (August 25, 2014) -- There are lots of promotional materials out there. Most of them, you'll never use. Like the jelly-back cell phone stand you got from your dentist - you are using your cell phone way too much to leave it sitting on a stand.

So, when you get an imprinted something handed to you that you can really use - it's an eye-opener. And that's just what you get when the business you've interacted with has handed you a printed portable smartphone charger.

Customized Printed Portable Smartphone Chargers such as portable iPhone charges are probably one of the most unique and usable items in the marketing world. It's a tool that hundreds of thousands of people in the United States use every single day and they have no expiration date. Whether you are a brand new iPhone owner or someone who has used iPhones for years, getting a portable iPhone charger is something that you will really appreciate.

And what a great way to put your business name in front of your audience. Rather than bringing giveaways that most people will only look at the day you give it to them, you are bringing something that your target audience will use over and over again for months and years into the future. By having your business name and contact information imprinted onto the charger, you ensure that every time that person plugs in his or her iPhone, they see your business name and begin to establish a positive feeling towards your company. There's no better way to have your name out and about and in front of multitudes of people.

The truth is that there just isn't anyone out there now that wouldn't give anything to have just a few more minutes of power when that phone or tablet has just about died. The wonderful portable chargers from USBSMG can also be imprinted with your business name, and when you hand them out you will know that your business will be well-thought of over and over again.

This is not a pen that will run out of ink, or a cell phone stand that will be tossed aside after about five minutes. These are things that provide hours of useful service. Giving out customized portable iPhone chargers allows your targert audience to have a spare charger as well as to become a mouthpiece for your company.

When it comes to helping you put your name out there in the best possible ways, USBSMG has you covered with portable iPhone chargers that can be customized specifically for your business. Add Custom Power Chargers to your marketing giveaways and you've made life just a little easier for your prospective clients.

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SMG provides a full line of custom printed promotional marketing materials and products, including Custom Power Chargers and Printed Portable Smartphone Chargers.