Marval, announces the release of MSM v12.9.0 IT service management software

Marval’s latest ITSM software - MSM v12.9.0 incorporates developments based on customer feedback from Marval user groups and CRM meetings

Online PR News – 01-September-2014 – Kettering, United Kingdom – Leading UK IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions specialist, Marval, announces the release of MSM v12.9.0 software. MSM is an integrated, innovative, multi-level ITSM software solution - a secure, reliable, scalable and stable ITSM technology that supports IT business services and growth strategies of any organisation.

Developed as result of Marval’s customer ‘software enhancement request’ programme to meet current and future requirements, MSM offers a real choice, with products designed to meet an organisation’s ITSM maturity, budget and operational preference, whether cloud or on-premise. MSM software is easy to deploy, use, maintain and upgrade. It is designed to meet changing customer and market requirements and reflect advances in technology.

Just some of the many enhancements and new functionality introduced in MSM v12.9.0 include:

Raise a request from an existing request type (e.g. incident from change, release from incident or any other user defined request type) – with the click of an icon the new request will inherit all details from the original request.

List view widgets: A new widget has been introduced that will display any user-created, personalised, custom work lists on the homepage (e.g. Request List, Time Spent List, Configuration Item List, Service List etc.). This will give quick access to key information prioritised by the user.

Extended user surveys: Extensive customer surveys can be set up and scheduled within the customer self-service portal using survey templates. Building up a library of question types (drop down, text box check box lists, radio button etc.) and question groups makes the creation of a survey simple and code-free.

Knowledge management enhancements:

•Knowledge enhancements from the request screen. The knowledge popup window has been redesigned to display more detailed information to make it easier for users. This popup also allows feedback rating to be given, and if required, a list of knowledge items (e.g. Known Errors, FAQs, workarounds) can be created.
•Configuration Items (CIs) can be added to a knowledge record and will be displayed in knowledge searches. When searching for knowledge items from the request screen, the match will be made against any related CIs.
•Within Self-Service, when raising a new request and adding related CIs, these CIs are passed into the knowledge searching mechanism in a similar way to the main request page.

Stock, cost and parts enhancements: Following on from phase I and 2 developments, phase 3 developments in v12.9.0 include:
•Unit of measurements created as required by defining the type (time, distance, area, volume, unit etc.). Unit of measurements can be set against activity types.
•Activity Type, Tax Code and Tax Rate pages have a new control to make it easier when adding new or editing existing items.

MSM Mobile App enhancements: Developments of the MSM Mobile app include the ability to:
•Reassign a request to an individual or group and enter request outcomes
•Register time spent whilst off site. A time spent entry can be added against requests which will update the request when synchronized with the main MSM application
•View custom work lists

Security enhancements: Improved security controls to prevent cross site scripting have been introduced into the graphing controls.

View parent/sub requests in grids: This functionality gives users the ability to view the number of sub requests against a parent request. Enabling the user to see the sub requests in a list will improve efficiency and speed when searching.

Users can add a ‘No. of Sub Requests’ column to any of their work lists. This will show a number column and by clicking on the number a list of sub requests will be shown for the parent request.

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