Bestroom Co., Ltd., heralds a Whole New World of Smart Glasses, Displays and Technology

Bestroom Co. Ltd. is a UV system company that specializes in researching and producing UV coating inks and hardening units.

Online PR News – 01-September-2014 – Gangneung – Bestroom Co., Ltd., has been successful in creating quite a buzz in the market with latest trends of smart glasses or windows, self-adhesive films, switchable privacy glasses, PDLC films, and much more. Designed for security, safety and privacy; these latest innovations are now available for infinite array of applications. Known for its invigorating endowments, the company introduces some of its exemplary gifts to the world to revolutionize display screens and different types of windows.

A switchable privacy film turns from lucid to opaque state and vice versa providing unprecedented control on the degree of privacy, light and heat that actually enters the space. Besides, windows that use smart glasses do not use shades, blinds or any other special type of window treatments since the adhesive films and privacy glasses serve as novel platform for touch screen and projection effects that can actually change any glass surface, store windows and showrooms into dramatic displays. On this same note, it can be said that Bestroom is improving the display technology of LCD flat panels and touch screens with optical clear adhesives. Undeniably, this optical clear adhesive manufacturer in Korea is consistently putting in best efforts and ensuring quality to come up products at par excellence.

About Company: Extensively recognised as adhesive, smart glass and PDLC Film manufacturer in Korea, Bestroom Co., Ltd., is striving to improvise R & D methodologies and technologies to bring in highly functional products. The objective is to ensure durability, safety and performance of smart glasses whether in conference rooms or in bathrooms or on car windows or on smartphones. Any kind of window display is now improved with high-tech know-how for enhanced performance. We assure that in the future we will come up with further improvements to seek customers’ consistent attention and encouragement. No wonder, our best-built technology and reliability bind our clients and make us so popular among them. To know more about smart windows, glasses and its innovative technology, log in where you can learn more.
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