TrodesJackFlip Releases SoundShielder - An Automatic Volume Control for Streaming Media

Low cost solution for annoying loud commercials and dynamic movies.

Online PR News – 01-September-2014 – Minnetonka, MN – TrodesJackFlip, a new software company located in Minnetonka, MN, has released its first software application - SoundShielder - that addresses the troublesome loudness variations in streaming media, such as loud advertisements, low dialog levels in movies, or unexpected volume differences when switching sources.

With the explosive growth of on-demand content, more consumers turn to their PC to be entertained. Though each source has a different volume level, SoundShielder provides one volume for all sources and can remove the jumps in audio levels when switching from a news blurb on CNN©, a movie on Netflix©, or when streaming live television or music to your headphones. SoundShielder makes real-time, automatic volume adjustments to the incoming audio source, aimed at user defined, target listening levels.

“Our goal was to create an application that solved a big problem initially - the loud commercials! But the application works for movies, TV, music and more. Early in our testing, we also had moms use the app to protect their kid’s hearing when playing games,” says Tom Greenwalt, Co-founder of TrodesJackFlip and CTO. “Users can now set one volume for everything and it will never be too loud,” he added.

SoundShielder has an MSRP of $4.95 and is available online at, including a download link for a fully functional 14 day trial copy. The product is certified to run on Windows 7, VISTA and Windows 8. A Mac version is expected to ship in Q3 of 2014.

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Image Caption: The easy to use SoundShielder user interface - Finally, one volume for everything.

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SoundShielder is a product developed by TrodesJackFlip - a software company in Minneapolis, Minnesota who's goal is to create affordable, problem solving applications that provide the best possible value and utility.