Ben Abix is attempting to set the literary world on fire! With his truly unique writing style and well developed characters, he's debuting with two books!

Online PR News – 01-September-2014 – Fargo, ND – Ben Abix, author of thriller novels Framer and Tropical Trauma is pushing the envelope in the ‘readersphere’. The dual debut is unlike any the literary world has seen in some time. “The twisting plots are wilder than an old country road rolling through America’s random rural splendor. “
With an emphasis on testing the psychological resolve of his main characters, Ben Abix holds the hand of your mind’s eye and guides his readers up and down the peaks and troughs of his fast paced stories.
Readers of his books have expressed great enthusiasm for the new releases and tout his ability to flesh out the characters and add expansive splashes of color throughout his writings.
The stark contrast from a blue collar business owner over the past twenty years, to a high-impact thriller writer even surprised Ben, “It’s definitely a dream come true and I certainly hope to be around for quite a while. Entertaining people through impactful books is something I coveted my whole life; and now I’m truly able to realize the power of the written word.”
While writing both novels, Ben Abix became fascinated with how the human condition would hold up within his characters under high degree of duress; and how their ultimate reactions would guide the mind-bending plots of both stories. Print editions are planned in the coming weeks. You may visit his website at or purchase the books on the Amazon marketplace under keyword Ben Abix.
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