Achieve Is Looking for Individuals to Participate in a Fibromyalgia Clinical Trial in Birmingham,AL

The team at Achieve Clinical Research is conducting a new clinical study in Birmingham, AL. People who are living with fibromyalgia may qualify to participate.

Online PR News – 01-September-2014 – DeLand, Florida – *To find out more about this fibromyalgia clinical trial in Birmingham, AL, visit Achieve Clinical Research on the web ( or contact them directly at (205) 380-6434.

For those who qualify:

- There is no cost to participate
- Insurance is not required
- Compensation may be provided for time and travel

A Misunderstood Medical Condition

It’s estimated that there are at least 5 million Americans living with fibromyalgia. This medical condition remains widely undiagnosed and misunderstood. This is partly due to the diverse range of symptoms such as:

- Chronic fatigue
- Chronic widespread pain
- Cognitive impairment (fibrofog)
- Nerve pain
- Anxiety and depression
- Numbness in limbs or parts of limbs

Despite the research conducted on fibromyalgia, the exact cause remains unknown. Studies suggest that it could be related to overactive brain activity. This means that pain is processed in much a different way than normal. Though this syndrome is not life threatening, it can have a significant impact on the quality of a person’s life. This is one of the reasons that patients choose to take part in clinical trials.

Volunteering for a Clinical Research Study

Science has yet to produce a cure for fibromyalgia. On top of that, the chronic aspect of the condition makes it much harder to treat effectively. Without clinical trials like the ones Achieve conducts in the city of Birmingham, experts would not be able to effectively treat the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

The ongoing success of these clinical trials depends on the volunteers who choose to take part in them. There is still so much that must be uncovered about fibromyalgia and what might actually trigger it. Even if a particular study does not reach its intended goals, researchers still gain crucial insights that’ll help improve future studies.

Pre-Trial Screening

Volunteers must meet a specific set of criteria in order to qualify for a clinical trial in Birmingham. This is one of the most important aspects of conducting these studies. Applicants will be screened by one of Achieve’s experienced doctors. During this process, they will need to provide some information about their medical history and any relevant medications. There are clinical trials which may require them to discontinue their normal dosage for the duration of the study period.

Achieve’s Clinical Research Facility

Achieve Clinical Research in Birmingham, Alabama, is a renowned and experienced research site specializing in Phase II-IV clinical trials. The Achieve team has the therapeutic expertise and capabilities to conduct clinical studies for a variety of conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, COPD and more. The state-of-the-art facility is fully equipped to support intensive clinical studies, yet it provides a comfortable experience for participants and staff members. Achieve’s goal is to work tirelessly today to help find tomorrow’s answers for the community.

Sponsors and CRO’s

Looking for the perfect site to conduct a clinical trial? Achieve Clinical Research is located 20 minutes from Birmingham International Airport and minutes from the areas two major medical centers. The Principal Investigators at Achieve collectively have over a decade of experience in clinical research. Achieve maintains a robust network comprised of local physicians and specialists. Find out more at

Achieve Clinical Research conducts a wide range of clinical trials in Birmingham, AL. For more information about these research opportunities, please visit their website ( or contact them directly at (205) 380-6434.