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one of the most revered online shop template designer in the market

Online PR News – 28-August-2014 – London, CA – Boston, MA 28th August, 2014 one of the most revered online shop template designer in the market has confirmed that it will be launching special discounts for customers looking to explore its custom made web store templates. The company noted in a statement that the modalities of these new special discounts have all been finalized and customers can start getting remarkable price cuts in custom online shop template designs as early as next week.

The provider will become one of the few high profile shop template designer to launch such special discounts. The company is confident that the move will be very crucial in promoting access to custom online shop template designs that for the better part of a decade now have helped a lot of businesses establish online platforms to sell their products and services. It is not yet clear how will structure the discounts but according to insiders within the firm the designer is looking at the prospect of cutting up to 20% off its current rates.

The firm has also assured its customers that once the discounts are ready they will be officially launched on its website. has time and again noted that mainstreaming greater affordability in online store template design is a very important necessity in making sure small businesses with low operational budgets are able to access custom templates. Although the provider agrees that the cost of its template designs has remained very low, the special discounts are simply designed to better them even further.

A lot of experts and analysts in the sector have hailed the efforts has been putting in offering custom template designs to all its customers. The launch of these new special discounts is seen by many players in the industry as a very bold step forward that will in many ways cement its position as one of the most affordable and highly sought after online shop template designer in the market.

All the same has categorically stated that the primary goal of the special discounts is to promote wide access to quality online shop templates. The company notes that for years now a lot of small businesses have been keen on exploring the power of the internet to sell their products and its wordpress customization service is designed to help such entities achieve that goal. For more details please get in touch with the company through

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