Elliott-Middleton Company for Classical Design Arts Launch New Website

This morning, Elliott-Middleton classical design arts formally launched the new website – a celebration of highly personalized textile arts and interior design elements for the noble home, esteemed corporation, academy or institute.

Online PR News – 04-August-2010 – – “Coats of arms, crests and seals in textile art are becoming increasingly important, as art collectors, people founding honorable households, important institutions, and interior designers seek to customize with more personal and meaningful flavor their environments” said David Elliott-Middleton Turner, Managing Director of Elliott-Middleton. “Yet, increasingly it’s about lifestyle – and embodying a classically elegant life with professional research and best-in-class artists.”

“The proprietary website took 15 months to build and contains some of the largest imagery on the web. Everything can be ordered right there as we gather all the information needed to commission an item in a five minute order process. Beyond blazer badges through sovereign and embassy scale embroidered coat of arms (generally a one-month process to hand-stitch - there’s not even a sewing machine in sight), there are tapestries, Aubusson, and savonnerie carpets in Louis XV style.”

“On the web front page there’s a free download with historian answered questions. The publications used for research are in the provenance section on each product page. For people who like Facebook, you can find a link there to some products with historical art briefings, and photography.” Mr. Turner continued.

“Extended collection categories include decorative interior elements for the traditional home and a Heritage Collection of reproduction artifacts for the den, study or library: suit of armor, museum replica swords and pistols, that sort of thing” Mr. Turner was quick to add.

“Client customers appreciate the final pricing of the concept, and free continental United States shipping. As for the higher tier embroidery commissions, unwrapping the layer-upon-layer of tissue paper held in place by a sword knot is magical: then within, a work of art, your commission, with a coat of arms and crest.”

“Although we accept private orders on the site, we’ve recently struck a strategic alliance with only one online retailer of coats of arms representing the collection exclusively in that way too, while we work with esteemed global clients and interior designers directly.”

Elliott-Middleton: The World’s Finest Coats of Arms and an exclusive fine art tour-de-force specializing in highly personalized, opulent, historical and classical commissions.
Appreciating those who value an exquisite lifestyle often recognize and live with certain ambiance and décor, Elliott-Middleton also represent collections for period and sophisticated living.

Researching and commissioning coats of arms and insignia of sound standing for honourable households and those who wish to found them, well-bred colonial dignitaries, royalty, nobility, presidents, ambassadors and statesmen, and societal leaders who choose to represent often centuries-old qualities, traditions, service, legacies, and other high criterion of office.

Perhaps the greatest majesty of representing what one stands for is best illustrated by countries of antiquity and today: their jurisdictions, representative bodies of faith, militaries, education-, economic-, and social-leaders, and the individuals that head up eminent entities. As such, also belonging to the Elliott-Middleton portfolio are noble establishments, clubs, red brick and ivy-coated universities, religious institutions, world militaries, prestigious companies and non-profit organizations, and those in the design world.

Elliott-Middleton understands your culture of fine living and the complexity of leadership matters that surround it, which is indeed why the illustrious of yesterday, today, and tomorrow come to us.

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