Get Easy Steps to Restore Windows XP Backup to Windows 7 - BKF Recovery Tool

This below cited section is informing technical users about BKF Recovery tool which is used to restore Windows XP backup to Windows 7 respectively.

Online PR News – 28-August-2014 – Pune – To eliminate the tensions laid down into the process to restore Windows XP backup to Windows 7 this section is hereby publicized for users. BKF Recovery tool is one advanced recovery tool designed at the doors of highly experienced technical industry and rendered to fix BKF file corruption issues within few mouse clicks of user. The details chart of organization also reveals that tool to restore Windows backup file is also used to restore BKF file data on latest versions of Windows OS like Windows 8, 8 and 8.1, that does not support restoring data from BKF file manually.

The most attractive part of tool is ‘Search’ option that can be used to search particular type of files from all contents of large sized BKF file. According to details, typing name of files to be recovered from BKF file separately into this ‘Search’ option will only preview those types of files into software wizard. If required these selected files can be recovered using this feature, else users can recover whole BKF file data by simply clicking on Extract option provided into software menu panel.

As per to the words of Evan Swans “The tool is unique approach in accessing data stored in BKF files on any of the Windows version. The scanning modes embedded within the tool are most powerful weapon to restore Windows XP backup to Windows 7. The ‘Quick’ scanning mode of tool can be used to recover data from BKF file that has minimal corruption level. Likewise, ‘Advanced’ scanning mode is developed to resolve highly corruption issues in BKF files and make BKF file data in readable mode. Moreover, if BKF file is large in size then Range Based scanning mode can be used to scan and recover certain portion of BKF file. If any doubts are encountered in way of BKF files recovery than we have around the clock Support assistance for users”.