How Folk Singers, Rappers And an Armband Could Make Your Workouts Better and Save Your Phone

Study shows athletes increased endurance up to 15% and felt less pain when listening to songs that kept a steady 180 Beats Per Minute.

Online PR News – 02-September-2014 – Austin/Texas – In a study conducted by the Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology showed that test subjects who listened to music that kept at around 180 Beats Per Minute actually increased endurance by up to 15% while reportedly feeling less or the same amount of discomfort they feel while exercising.

The study was conducted by Dr. Costas Karageorghis who studies sports psychology and motivation for athletes, he says " improves exercise performance by either delaying fatigue or increasing work capacity." Additionally he says that "typically the effect results in higher than expected levels of endurance, power, productivity and strength."

typically the effect results in higher than expected levels of endurance power productivity and strength.

Throughout history humans have used music or a steady beat in order to provide motivation and keep time from the days of ancient sailing vessels to today with your neighborhood aerobics classes.

Some enterprising people have created Youtube running playlists based on the 180 BPM rule and the popular site Gizmodo has even put together playlists that includes songs from all types of singers and genres with folk from legends like Bob Dylan’s “I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)” and Van Morrison’s “Bright Side of the Road” to contemporary acts like The Black Keys and Kanye West.

But people who enjoy exercising alone or simply can’t make a class are at a bit of a disadvantage.

"Music is absolutely crucial for so many people that exercise on their own, but holding an unprotected phone in hand while running is awkward and potentially expensive if dropped" says Anthony Hall who is a manufacturer of iPhone 5 running armband models.

"That's why one good armband designed to hold specific phones is a great way for people to protect their tech and keep the beat going while running."

No matter where people decide to work out in the future, the reality is that the right beat can lead to better endurance and a more pleasant workout for anyone who decides to get up and move.