Wireless Innovation Forum Commends FCC and NTIA on Model City Proposal in NPRM Comments Filed Today

Forum has long believed establishing and utilizing real world Spectrum Test Beds and Cities mature and validate spectrum efficiency-increasing technologies

Online PR News – 27-August-2014 – Washington, DC – The Wireless Innovation Forum (http://www.WirelessInnovation.org), a non-profit international industry association dedicated to driving the future of radio communications and systems worldwide, today filed comments with the FCC and NTIA regarding the Public Notice and Request for Comments on the Model City for Demonstrating and Evaluating Advanced Spectrum Sharing Technologies. In the filing, the Forum commends the FCC and NTIA on their model city proposal, as they have long believed in the establishment and utilization of real world Spectrum Test Beds and Test Cities to mature and validate technologies that will increase spectrum efficiency.

Per the Forum’s Advocacy Agenda (http://groups.winnforum.org/p/cm/ld/fid=355), Forum members believe that if done properly, these experiments could lead to improved spectrum sharing mechanisms that enhance interference avoidance capabilities while enabling increased spectrum efficiency. Additionally, members support government sponsorship and funding availability to facilitate real world spectrum Test-Beds and overcome existing barriers to spectrum sharing by adjacent and co-channel incumbent spectrum holders.

Furthermore, members of the Forum recommend that innovations in the following areas, extracted from the Forum’s “Top 10 Most Wanted Wireless Innovations” be evaluated in the proposed model city:
• Innovation #3: Receiver Performance Specifications
• Innovation #4: Low Cost Wide Spectral Range RF Front-End (Multi-octave Contiguous) (Tx,Rx)
• Innovation #5: Techniques to Minimize Power Amplifier Spectral Regrowth in Non-contiguous Spectral Environment
• Innovation #7: Context Aware Cognitive Radio
• Innovation #8: Interference Mitigation Techniques
• Innovation #9: Standardized Computer Interpretable Policy Language for Cognitive Radio
• Innovation #10: Flexible Regulatory Framework for Temporary, Cooperative and Opportunistic Access

Amendment of the Commission’s Rules with Regard to Commercial Operations in the 3550 to 3650 MHz Band

In the filing, the Forum also reinforced the creation of a Multi-stakeholder Group hosted by the Forum as offered in recent comments on the matter of “Amendment of the Commission’s Rules with Regard to Commercial Operations in the 3550 to 3650 MHz Band” (GN Docket 12-354). Once formed, this Multi-stakeholder Group would host workshops at appropriate times to bring together participants in the model city deployment to share lessons learned with the broader community and define areas for additional exploration. The Forum’s further proposes to publish the results of these workshops in our Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Annual Report, the inaugural edition of which will be available this fall.

The entirety of the Forum’s comments to the FCC can be found in our Document Library (http://groups.winnforum.org/Recommendations).

To learn more about the Forum’s Advocacy Agenda: http://groups.winnforum.org/advocacy.

To learn more about the Forum’s Top Ten Wireless Innovations: http://groups.winnforum.org/winnforum_top_ten.

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