Five Women Business Owners Join Forces to Promote AutoTex PINK Windshield Wiper Blades

Automotive Product that Benefits Breast Cancer Research Brings Women Together with one goal: Wipe Out Breast Cancer

Online PR News – 04-August-2010 – – A product for a cause is not unusual, but an automotive product that targets women AND supports a cause is. That’s why five woman-owned businesses have joined forces to promote AutoTex PINK Windshield Wiper Blades which benefits breast cancer research through the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the Breast Cancer Society of Canada.

The idea for AutoTex PINK came from Paula Lombard who wanted to create an automotive product that would benefit breast cancer. As the co-founder of WEXCO Industries, manufacturers of windshield wiper blades and windshield wiper systems, she knew such a product would be different than anything on the market.

“I wanted to create something that benefits women and breast cancer research,” said Paula Lombard, founder of AutoTex PINK. “You see many products that benefit breast cancer, but not in the automotive industry. I thought that a windshield wiper blade that tied into the female market would give us a unique opportunity. Plus our product benefits the cause year-round, not just in October, which is breast cancer awareness month.”

As a certified WBENC woman-owned business, WEXCO Industries and Lombard regularly participate in Women’s Business Enterprise National Council local chapter meetings. During one of those meetings, Lombard met Kathy Orbe, owner of Encore Design in Montclair, NJ. Encore specializes in the package design & branding of consumer products. Lombard chose Encore for their expertise in retail packaging and experience/understanding of the automotive category. Lombard asked Encore to create and establish the brand standards through development of a logo, related graphics and packaging for their brand… and AutoTEX PINK was born! The eye-catching design includes a large pink ribbon signifying breast cancer awareness and a clear description of AutoTex PINK’s affiliation with the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Encore's challenge was to develop the AutoTex PINK brand and packaging visuals based on a cause-related marketing strategy targeting female consumers in the predominantly male automotive category.

“We designed the package graphics and a striking "Wipe -Out Breast Cancer" mark for use on the packaging and all collateral sales materials,” said Orbe. “Encore provided Wexco with the vital tools needed for their roll-out. We enabled them to present a powerful and unique brand image to customers at PINK's inception. Our team truly enjoyed being the creative force behind AutoTEX PINK’s package design & branding and working with Wexco to develop this unique brand.”

To sell and promote the new windshield wiper blade, Lombard began working with Kathy Collins a principal of Excelerated Performance of Cranbury, NJ. She suggested to Lombard that they also create an online social community site devoted to women and their cars. Soon after, was born.

The community site allows free membership and access to car care information, safe driving tips and travel advice. The site also allows members to participate in interactive forums and blogs as well as post events, photos and videos.

“Nearly 90% of female motorists are at least somewhat involved in the decision making process for vehicle maintenance and repairs, so we saw this as an opportunity to educate women about their cars,” said Lombard. “It also allows us to directly connect with our customers on a personal level. It differentiate us from other companies.”

AutoTex PINK launched in October 2009 to coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To create excitement around the launch, AutoTex PINK sponsored IZOD IndyCar Series driver Sarah Fisher at Homestead-Miami Speedway. Fisher, the only woman-owned race team and WBENC member, helped promote the new windshield wiper blade as well as its tie in with breast cancer research.

“Having Sarah Fisher on board has been tremendous for AutoTex PINK,” Lombard said. “She not only drives a race car, but she owns the team! She has been a great ambassador as we work to build our brand and our social community.”

“AutoTex PINK is a perfect partner for our race team,” said Fisher. “This company is really committed to the cause. Just look at what we can do when we all come together!”

In order to make the online community site more interesting and appealing, Marcy Watson owner of Elpama Communications of Indianapolis was hired as Editor-in-Chief of in January 2010. She has developed an editorial calendar to tie in women’s health with automotive topics. The initial campaign is “Healthy You, Healthy Car” which includes informative articles on a variety of subjects to help visitors to the site learn ways to improve their well-being and to be better educated about their vehicles.

“Having five woman-owned businesses working together to promote AutoTex PINK is so exciting and very unique,” Lombard noted. “We are doing more than selling windshield wiper blades. We are working for a cause and doing so by creating a community where women can share ideas and be educated about their health and their vehicles.”

Contrary to the name, AutoTex PINK windshield wiper blades come in a standard black color, with a small pink ribbon promoting the cause of breast cancer awareness and research. They are available on or at many automotive service centers.


About AutoTex PINK: WEXCO Industries, Inc. is a leading global supplier of windshield wiper blades. The company makes AutoTex PINK windshield wiper blades and sponsors A portion of the sales of AutoTex PINK windshield wiper blades goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation in the United States and the Canadian Breast Cancer Society in Canada. For more information, call 800.692.3962 or visit