Skinjectables Anti-Aging Bar Selects Skin 2 Skin® Care

“Skinjectables Anti-Aging Bar is Tucson’s first and only walk-in Botox and dermal filler bar specialize in injectable cosmetic treatments.

Online PR News – 28-August-2014 – Palm Springs, CA – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
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Skinjectables Anti-Aging Bar Selects Skin 2 Skin® Care As Its Anchor Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Line

Palm Springs, CA – August 2014 – Skin 2 Skin® Care Smart Anti-Aging® a leader in Naturalceutical Technology™ is proud to announce our new retailer Skinjectables, Tuscan AZ first Anti-Aging Skin Care Bar. Skinjectable owner Kati Obrien has selected Skin 2 Skin® as its anchor skin care line.

“Skinjectables Anti-Aging Bar is Tucson’s first and only walk-in Botox and dermal filler bar. We specialize in injectable cosmetic treatments and nothing else. Equally important to replacing lost volume and addressing expression lines is addressing the health of the skin. Kati Obrien said, we care about the total package and having healthy, glowing skin is crucial to looking ageless. We were looking for a skin care line that was environmentally and socially responsible but that delivered powerful results. Products that benefit every skin type and condition without causing irritation or unnecessary side effects … we found Skin 2 Skin® a truly effective skin care line that makes your skin healthy, glowing and look years younger! Not only do we want our clients to experience the benefits of your power packed peptides, we must believe and know the product is the best before recommending a skin care line that is cruelty-free and Plant Powered™.”

We are very excited to partner with Kati O’Brien and the first of its kind anti-aging injectable bar, said Ken Simpson. Kati has a vast understanding about anti-aging products and how ingredients affect the skin’s health and long term anti-aging results for healthy skin that glows and looks ageless. Knowing that Kati selected Skin 2 Skin® because our products are proven to be one of the most effective and best natural anti-aging skin care lines in the market, that’s why Skin 2 Skin® has received 20 awards in just 5 years. I formulated Skin 2 Skin® to be the perfect balance of Plant Powered™ Cosmeceutical Actives, Vitamins, Botanical Extracts, and other natural ingredients to keep the skin healthy and performing at its peak performance to function healthy and keep you looking years younger.
About Skin 2 Skin Care:

Skin 2 Skin® Smart Anti-Aging® Naturalceutical™ Technology is a of balance of Natural and Plant Based Cosmecutical Actives at the highest concentration that will change the appearance of your skin starting with the first application with continual improvement each day, month and year. Healthy Glowing Ageless Skin, Skin 2 Skin® Beauty from the Heart

Ken Simpson with over 30 years experience from Neiman Marcus, 5th Avenue to a mega star in Smart Anti-Aging® Naturalceutical™ Technology. Ken created Skin 2 Skin® not just to heal his own skin but to change the conception that natural healthy products can change the skin’s appearance, emerging healthy ageless skin. Ken has created the only skin care line that beauty experts call “Skin 2 Skin, Beauty from the Heart”.

Ten Free: NO Sulfates, Formaldehyde, Parabens, Synthetic Fragrance and Colors, Polymers, Petrochemicals, Nano Technology, MEA/DEA/TEA, Propylene Glycol (PEG), DMDM Hydration, Retaiyl Palmitate, and Animal Ingredients’

Skin 2 Skin® Care is PETA Certified Cruelty Free and Vegan, Made In the USA
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