Courage to Adventure Coaching Launches “Having it All Your Way:” 8 Levels of a Choice-Filled Life

Sue Bock of Courage to Adventure Coaching Launches “Having it All Your Way:” 8 Levels of a Choice-Filled Life Workshop for Women on September 27, 2014

Online PR News – 28-August-2014 – San Ramon, CA – Courage to Adventure Coaching, inspiring women to dream, change and live life’s adventures courageously, has launched a new workshop to identify the 8 Levels of living a choice-filled life. 8 Levels to a Choice Filled Life is a 2-hour workshop for women in transition that offers participants to find the courage to make the changes you have been dreaming about and how you can help a friend experience this life transforming event.

“Sue helped me determine my core values, helping with interpersonal relationships – both friendships and family, anxieties about traveling, and helped me find my life purpose. Now I know who I really am. A huge Aha! moment for me.” - Laura Farrell RN, BSN, CCRN (ret)

Program participants will receive 2 hours of identifying the point in your life where you feel something is missing. If you’re feeling like you “should” be happy and you’re not or you’re in a rut, Sue’s transformational program will share tools with to identify and remove those blocks.

The group is limited to 12 participants.

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About Sue Bock and Courage to Adventure Coaching

Sue Bock, certified coach, CEO, and President of Courage to Adventure Coaching, is the creator of life changing services for professional and career women in transition. She is a graduate in coaching and leadership from one of the leading coaching schools in the world, The Coaches Training Institute. Sue’s international coaching and leadership services include clients from all over the world. As an Intensive Care Nurse, she has been coaching her patients for 20 years.