TheOneSpy Now Offers Multiple Platform Support Service

Good News for TheOneSpy Users! This mobile spy app is designed to work in a real time environment and is easily support multiple platforms i.e. Android, BB, iOS

Online PR News – 28-August-2014 – Sydney, NSW – TheOneSpy Monitoring Software is expanding its customer base at unprecedented rates, nowadays. And why wouldn’t it? The Monitoring Software makers are offering so many monitoring tools to their users at unbeatable prices. They had lately introduced their tracker and microphone operating features to the tech world and we loved them! Especially at the rates they provide their services at.

Now, TheOneSpy has introduced yet another incentive to its users: its Multiple Platform Support service. TheOneSpy’s Multiple Platform Support service allows its users to use a single license to monitor devices that run on different operating systems. That is, now TheOneSpy’s users can monitor an iPhone, a BlackBerry and an Android device by purchasing a single license. For them, there is no need to purchase a separate license for each device. This feature allows TheOneSpy’s users to save a lot of money on their monitoring experience.

TheOneSpy’s Multiple Platform Support service is a blessing for parents and employers who have to monitor devices running on different operating systems. Parents whose children possess different devices can benefit immensely from TheOneSpy’s Multiple Platform Support feature, because, now they do not have to give up on the safety of any of their children. With a single license, they can monitor all of their children’s devices simultaneously, without compromising on their monitoring experience.

Similarly, employers, too, worry about monitoring a large number of employees whose gadgets can be similar or dissimilar. If employers would’ve been made to purchase a separate license for each category of device, their monitoring charges would have increased a few times over. Now, with TheOneSpy Monitoring Software’s Multiple Platform Support service, all the have to do is purchase a single license and use it to monitor all of their employees’ devices.

TheOneSpy makes your monitoring experience not only cheaper, but also easier, by reducing the number of dashboards you have to operate to just one. The one dashboard that you will receive from TheOneSpy would contain all the data obtained from all the devices that you seek to monitor, neatly organized by device’s names. TheOneSpy clearly kept the needs of parents and employers in mind when they designed their Multiple Platform Support feature. It looks set to simplify the crowded lives of concerned parents and employers, soon.

You can be one of the beneficiaries of TheOneSpy’s latest offer by purchasing a license for the software, now!