Pasta Company Improves Efficiency with New Biometric Time and Attendance System

Leading Pasta company has just installed a new biometric-based time and attendance system to improve data accuracy and save time for payroll staff.

Online PR News – 26-August-2014 – Hemel Hempstead/Hertfordshire/UK – Award winning UGO Foods employs over 100 production staff and runs a complex range of shifts as the company operates 24/7 to supply leading retailers including Waitrose and John Lewis Food Halls.

HR Manager, Samantha Hatton said. “Staff used to clock in and out using a card swipe, but there were many occasions when staff lost or forgot their cards, and it was potentially open to abuse. Apart from the cost of replacing lost cards, the system could only cope with 3 time bands, and with the multiple shifts we operate, this really was a limiting factor as we had to manually input the data which was very time consuming. With such a large workforce working different shifts, we desperately needed to update our system so it not only provided more accurate data but would dramatically save time for the payroll team.”

There were a number of options available, but UGO Foods decided to go the biometric route as the scanners are easy to use and record reliable time and attendance information. The system was provided and installed by Bodet Ltd. and included three palm scanners situated near the production areas. These are linked directly to the to Kelio Integral software on the main server, which automatically manages the data both for payroll and management reporting.

Hatton commented, “The staff took to the new system quickly as it was very easy for them to use. They simply place their hands on the scanner as they arrive or leave and the scanner captures the handprint which is compared against a stored profile to identify them. It only takes a couple of seconds and there’s no scrabbling in handbags or pockets searching for swipe cards. It's easy to forget a card, but nobody leaves their hands at home! It’s also foolproof and so prevents abuse such as buddy clocking.”

But the biggest benefit was experienced by the payroll department. The attendance data acquired by the hand scanners is linked directly into the calendar so it automatically registers each employee to the right shift and correct hourly rate. The only manual entries are to cover absences such as sickness and holidays or to change shifts. The software then generates an end of month report which can be used directly for payroll.

An added bonus is that the software also generates tailored management reports so that current and historic attendance information can be accessed at the press of a button. Management teams now have accurate real time data for performance management at every level and can identify trends at an early stage.”

Hatton added, “As with any new system, there was a little concern from the staff initially, but now it’s settled in it’s been well received by the production staff. It has made things much easier for the payroll staff and we know the data is accurate and reliable. The tailored reporting also means we can manage our workforce more efficiently and increase productivity, which is a real benefit to the company.”