Bollywood Abs, Inc. releases BOLLYWOOD BOOTCAMP DVD

Bollywood Abs, Inc. announced the release BOLLYWOOD BOOTCAMP, an 8-week weight loss program based on Bollywood music!

Online PR News – 28-August-2009 – – Germantown, MD, USA – Bollywood Abs, Inc. announced the release of its first fitness product – BOLLYWOOD BOOTCAMP, a food and fitness DVD program designed for today’s South Asians.

“I felt that there was a need for a program that not only provided a workout plan but also gave informative details on the importance of eating right as part of one’s weight loss plan”, commented achal dua, CEO of Bollywood Abs, Inc.

Achal founded Bollywood Abs, Inc. in an effort to bring his program to not just hundreds but to thousands of people out there. He is confident that bollywood bootcamp will benefit anyone who decides to accept him as their FIT GURU. His food and fitness plan, his South Asian roots and his years of knowledge in this field were all taken into consideration during the creation of BOLLYWOOD BOOTCAMP. This program will certainly revolutionize South Asian fitness forever!

Hundreds of his clients recognize Achal and BOLLYWOOD BOOTCAMP as the reason they were able to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. People have not only lost the weight but have also learnt the right way to keep the weight off. Starting August 2009, Achal will be promoting his product by appearing on television networks like Zee TV USA and SONY TV USA and is conducting various demo classes all over US to showcase BOLLYWOOD BOOTCAMP as the “IT fitness solution".

BOLLYWOOD BOOTCAMP is an 8 week, home based food and fitness program that promises to get you started on losing weight and feeling great! It has a 30 minute fitness segment that includes Cardio, Weight Training, Yoga, Pilates and Advanced Weight Training in one DVD.

We refer to it as a “complete fitness program" because not only does it provide a workout plan, it also has a recipe segment that teaches one to cook Indian food the healthy way. The program also includes an 8 week workout/eating chart along with a progress monitoring table. It certainly is a complete program and “your desi mantra for food and fitness”.

Bollywood Abs, Inc. is headquartered in Maryland and is a full service fitness company targeting the South Asian Market. Their portfolio of products includes but is not limited to fitness gear, apparel, home fitness equipment and nutritional supplements. bollywood abs is dedicated to providing today’s South Asians with ample of informative details pertaining to all aspects of fitness and nutrition. It is a premiere company whose main motive is to get the South Asian audience fit and healthy!

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