Leading Edge Sliding Door Hardware Now Offered by Brio

The Brio website has announced additional models of sliding door hardware for spaces throughout Australia.

Online PR News – 26-August-2014 – Sydney – The Brio website has announced additional models of sliding door hardware for spaces throughout Australia, and limited availability for the same designs through its subsidiaries in the UK and USA. Products promoted on its site include straight sliding, folding, multidirectional, and other core designs for units from barns to residential and business facilities. The company reports that the top hung and bottom roller varieties among its more useful and popular designs for the home and other spaces. Brio notes that the models represent some of the most cutting-edge quality units in the industry.

The specialty sliding door hardware provide such features as quiet and smooth operation, soft close capabilities, and other details, making them among the most advanced products in the marketplace. The Sydney-based company emphasizes its R&D department continues to bring a strong design element to the business, developing and testing ground breaking concepts that continue to be at the forefront of the industry. Typical brands carried by the company include Timberoll, Glassroll, Louvrefold, Shutterfold, Weatherfold and other leading names whose sliding door systems include interior or exterior, windows or doors-based panels.

Brio reports the products also include sliding door tracks, and sliding wardrobe door equipment geared towards small enclosures. The same care taken to construct exterior or large sliding door hardware is applied to the smaller interior units and sliding wardrobe doors. The company warranty is available for almost all units carried on its online catalog, which usually also come with product brochures and instructions available for download. Care and maintenance information is also free to access for each product that explains the schedule for how the items should be cleaned or eventually renovated over the course of their lifetime use.

The sliding door systems also include locking and screen solutions depending on the door or window-based unit being purchased. The site catalog mentions Brio offers a Retractable Pleated Insect Screen offers an innovative and functional solution to screening large openings protecting your home from annoying insects."The company also carries Mortice dead locks and Flush bolt locking solutions to enhance security for sliding door models in residential applications. The company expects this range of units and features will keep it at the forefront of providers of sliding store hardware in Australia over the long term, as well as retain its leading position in the current marketplace.

For more information on Brio products, go here: http://www.brio.com.au