Navneet Gems & Minerals launching new products in the Bangkok & Hongkong

Navneet Gems and Minerals Limited company has planned to launch a great collectiong of the latest and the trendiest Colored gemstones.

Online PR News – 26-August-2014 – Bang rak / Bangkok – Navneet Gems and Minerals Limited company has planned to launch a great collectiong of the latest and the trendiest Colored gemstones related products in the upcoming 54th Bangkok Gems & Jewellery fair and in the Hongkong Jewellery & Gem fair 2014 which take place in the month of September where 1000's of buyers and sellers meet to discuss prices, buy gemstones, source wholesale jewellery and diamonds.
There are 3 main products that Navneet Gems and Minerals will be launching in their latest collection to help Jewellers around the world create better products. Out of those three, the biggest and the most important product will be the launch of the worlds first "Natural Blue topaz" that will be available in mass production.
1. Natural Blue topaz is going to be a product that has always been around the market place since Natural topaz started coming out of the earth; but never has it ever attracted anyone but the collectors because of its rarity and light color that barely makes them look like the lowest color of Aquamarines. But in this years Gem and Jewellery exhibitions in both Bangkok and Hongong, Navneet Gems and Minerals will unveil their collection that has taken them 5 years of hard work and handpicking gemstones that can be categorized under "Natural Blue topaz" - these natural blue topaz are the rarest, most economical, earth mined blue gemstone available. Other options such as Aquamarine is heated (Aquamarine is also much more expensive and softer than Topaz), Tanzanite is heated (Tanzanite is not really sky blue) and Sky blue topaz (Heated to give the color of the sky), its only the Natural blue topaz that comes natural from the earth and is now available for purchase in the first ever marketable quantities. Customers will be able to purchase the limited Single loose stones at the stall.
2. Navneet Gems & Minerals' second biggest launch in their Annual gem fairs will be the finer colored Rhodolite garnets, also known as the Umbalite garnets in the market. Umbalite garnets are basically the rarest of all Rhodolites, pretty close up there with the Raspberry rhodolite garnets. However, the Umbalites have a very special feature which is of having a hint of Spessartite garnet component in them which them one of the rarest garnets of all kind. Umbalites have been available since Tanzania opened its doors for more investment, but only in very small quantities, and again just like the Natural blue topaz, they have finally collected enough of the Umbalite rhodolite garnets from the Umba river valley to be able to market them. Get your hands on these right away by emaling the company and to communicate with them what could be your best selling product for the upcoming Christmas Jewellery sales. Catch Navneet Gems and Minerals at the exhbitions.
3. Navneet Gems' classic yet the most famous Gemstone is the Swiss blue topaz. After the Ostro blue being launched, the Ostro royal blue being launched which are classic gemstones, Navneet Gems realized that some customers wanted the similar colors without the brand name at a lower price, so they will be launching some of the finest cuts of the Swiss blue topaz they have, they even have a video on "Blue topaz" which displays a sample of one of their best pieces that they will be able to present to their customers. These gemstones come out of the ground how all gems do, just that instead of just cutting them the most efficient way, Navneet Gems' chooses the Blue topaz pieces that show the most color and some of them have those properties which after being cut gives a far better deep Kashmir sapphire color, than any other Blue topaz available.
In order to catch these breath taking gemstones, new launches and new eye pleasing gemstones, including the Natural Blue topaz, the Umbalite rhodolite garnets and the Deep blue Swiss blue topaz's, pleae visit them at the following booth numbers:
Bangkok Gems & Jewellery Show 2014 at Muang Thong Thani from 9th September - 13th September at booths UU25,27
Hongkong Jewellery & Gem show 2014 at Asia world expo from 15th September - 19th September at booths 6Q05
Dont forget to visit Navneet Gems and Minerals booth for this great opportunity.