IFCM Group is Launching a New Website Exclusively for GeWorko Method

IFCM Group is pleased to announce about the launch of a new website,which is fully devoted to the innovative financial method GeWorko.

Online PR News – 26-August-2014 – London – IFCM Group is proud to announce the launch of a new website. Recently, IFC Markets, the member of IFCM Group, has launched an innovative financial method GeWorko, allowing investors create, analyze and trade unlimited trading instruments: several press releases have already been published regarding the topic. The idea of creating a new website mainly comes from the fast growing interest about the new product, offering investors an opportunity to trade their own hand-made financial instruments without any limitations on their composition and taking advantage of risk diversification.
The new website has an aim to provide resourceful materials about the innovative method and to raise awareness among various investors, professional traders and analysts, who have actively shown their interest regarding the new technology. The website was developed according to modern standards, using HTML5 and CSS3. It boasts a clean uncluttered design and is divided into five sections: GeWorko Method, Available assets, Resources, Company and Trading Platform. Each page provides detailed information on the above mentioned aspects.
The company is going to illustrate personal composite instruments which have optimal risk-return ratio, which will contribute to idea generation among visitors. In addition, it is going to include a special section in the website, where visitors will be able to ask questions regarding any issue and get professional answers. Accordingly, the section is going to become a ground for discussion about various trading ideas and strategies.
Moreover, the company is going to organize contests on creation of the best composite instruments which will contribute to extending the practice of GeWorko application.
To summarize, the launch of the new website, which offers quick and easy access to essential information on GeWorko Method and PCI, is part of the IFCM Group’s ongoing efforts to provide comprehensive information about portfolio trading to investors, professional traders and analysts worldwide. Videos, articles and other learning materials are aimed to have big contribution to extending the knowledge of anyone, interested to discover the innovative financial tool, having no analogs in the market.