Knackshare Connecting Learners and Teachers.

Knackshare is a revolutionary new website which allows people to state what information they wish to learn or teach.

Online PR News – 03-August-2010 – – Brisbane, Qld - The information could be anything. The website also allows people to negotiate anything, be it money to change hands, what time the tutoring will be, where, the number of people in the class and of course the information taught. The website brings true freedom to the learning process. Knackshare targets United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and the New Zealand User. Knackshare allows people to place free advertisements stating what information they wish to exchange. People reply to the advertisement using the free Knackshare message system. They can negotiate on whatever they want and not provide their email address or any other personal information until ready. Knackshare was born through the idea of the sharing of an individual`s skills through education without the constraints bound by educational institutions, such as high fees, certificates, Large classes and Quotas. Knackshare is about allowing people to gain whatever information they need to enable them to succeed in whatever endeavour they need. If they want to renovate the bathroom but do not know how, they can place an advertisement stating such. Someone can reply then they can negotiate an outcome that make both parties happy. Alternatively if someone enjoys renovating bathrooms but is a bit short on cash they can place an advertisement and someone can reply. Again they negotiate until both parties are happy. There is no licence & no control. The only limitations are the limitations of the imagination of the parties involved. People who would benefit include, 1) The individual who wishes to learn something. 2)The individual who wishes to teach something. 3)Clubs, who would like new members. 4)Community groups, allowing members to keep in touch and help each other out. 5)People looking for volunteers. 6)People who want to volunteer. 7)People who want to learn a language, ie conversational practise. These are just a few. Functions of the website include, 1) Search function allowing people to search for a learning/teacher, skill base and location. 2) A browse function allowing people to look in the various skill bases, based on the five countries, US, UK, Australia, Canada and NZ. 3) A membership section to place or reply to an ad you need to be a member to do this, it is free and all you need is User id, Password and email. 4) A advertising section, this allows people to place advertisements whether they be a learner or teacher. 5) A message system which allows to see messages sent, messages received and enables you to block users. The message system will send you an email when you join and when you receive an email. 6) Contact form, if you need to contact us there is a contact that will enable you to send us a message. Knackshare is a brand new website as well as a brand new concept, it was started by Jon Daly a normal person who lives in Brisbane Queensland, Australia.