FDA vs 4rx Types Of Online Pharmacies: Is It About Safety, Or Is It About The Money?

Most U.S. citizens know that buying and importing prescription medications from online suppliers like 4rx and others is not legal, but they also know that the law is really only interested in the suppliers and not the purchasers. As such authorities tend to take a “don’t ask, don’t tell” stance on such activities as long as they’re only purchasing non-narcotic prescription medications for personal use. Still big pharmaceutical companies and the FDA don’t like it and you only need to understand the money involved in the industry to understand why.

Online PR News – 18-March-2009 – – Online pharmaceutical distribution sites like 4rx and xlpharmacy along with many others continue to pop up much to the dismay of the FDA. But are these offshore pharmacy sites really the bad guys and is the FDA really looking out for the public’s safety?

In 2007 the U.S. Congress reached an agreement on a House and Senate compromise regarding the recently passed FDA reform legislation that aims to improve the safety of pharmaceuticals. This made it so the drug companies wouldn’t be immune to consumer lawsuits from those harmed by dangerous prescription drugs. It also forces the drug companies to disclose the results of their drug trials online. Mike Adams, Natural News Editor says: “Of course, all this doesn't mean that drug companies won't find some new way to game the system, deceive consumers and block meaningful FDA reform.”

The FDA’s main purpose is to protect American citizens from harmful products hitting the marketplace and scam artists from distributing what amounts to snake oil onto an unsuspecting public. Yet despite being charged with this critical roll to protect the American public we continue to see stories of the harm certain prescription medications such as Vioxx (believed to have been responsible for well over 100,000 heart attacks and strokes) have caused, all under the watchful eye of the FDA.

Then there are the online sites like Xlpharmacy, 4rx and others that many consumers flock to in order to buy their prescription medications these days. What most people don’t realize is that these sites are not actual pharmacies but rather middleman distribution sites. They basically process the orders and the medications are then shipped from pharmaceutical manufacturer’s in other parts of the world (India is a main supplier). These pharmaceutical suppliers often make the brand name prescription medications most consumers are used to and then they also create a generic version of those same drugs for a significant discount which is what these online sites then sell. That’s why they cost so much less.

The FDA in its rush to protect its citizens then posts warnings on their site, in print media and even uses online advertising warning U.S. citizens of the dangers of buying prescription drugs from these off shore distribution sites. Yet they themselves are the ones who have approved what turned out to be dangerous drugs peddled by the huge lobbing groups of big pharmacy onto the American public. What can then be said to the victims who have experienced the irreparable harm that some of these dangerous drugs that the FDA declared as safe did to them?

The fact there is no tangible difference between the brand name drugs and the generic versions the resellers sell leaves the user with a choice. They can buy the name brand drugs from an approved FDA supplier and then if the drug is later found to cause harm the individual could join a class action lawsuit and might win the equivalent of a toaster oven as a reward. Or they could take their chances with an offshore distributor, save a lot of money on the drugs, but will not be protected under the law that would allow them to submit a lawsuit if those prescription medications caused them harm.

In the end it is an individual’s responsibility to understand the laws governing their own countries rules on prescription drug purchases. For many they chose companies like 4rx or Xlpharmacy because they simply can’t afford the brand name medications even if they know it’s against their countries drug importation laws. And considering the FDA’s track record on safety, their claims that only U.S. based pharmacies are safe while offshore sites are not tends to ring hollow for many.

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