Cuzzina Introduces New Ice Ball Molds, A Fun Alternative To Old School Ice Cubes.

Acknowledging the growing trend of using ice balls in some of the world’s best bars Cuzzina has launched their own ice ball mold with the consumer in mind

Online PR News – 24-August-2014 – Waynetown/IN – Japanese ice balls have become a growing trend among bartending aficionados. Traditionally the use of blades or high-end presses were used in upscale bars and establishments to mass produce these round wonders for customers.

These beautiful ice spheres were first created by carving from a solid piece of clear ice using a blade. Because of the spherical shape and size, ice balls offer advantages of being able to cool beverages without diluting the flavor.

"Keeping the most discerning whiskey drinkers satisfied due to the slow-melting benefits of the ice balls coupled with the fact that the flavor of the whiskey is not compromised is a huge benefit." Says Dez Roye (founder of Cuzzina).

The new Ice Ball Molds by Cuzzina are ideal for anyone who wants the flair of ice balls without the headache of the traditional method. Now, Ice Ball Molds offer major benefits without a large investment or a lot of time.

"The molds are very affordable and can fit in any freezer. At 2.5 inches in diameter they are larger than others but they easily fit in between any items you have stored in your freezer," claims Roye "With the easy twist off molds, anyone can create an endless supply of perfect rounds."

Each molds comes in two flexible pieces which snap together and have an easy to fill hole at the top. After a few hours in the freezer the ice 'cu-balls' (as Cuzzina like to call them on their site) are ready to use. They are 100% FDA Grade Silicone and BPA free and come in a two pack box with clear instructions on the back.

"The major difference between ice balls and regular ice cubes isn't just that they take much longer to melt but they are more versatile, in that the ice ball molds can also be used to freeze so many different things such as fruit juice, pieces of fruit, herbs,coffee etc" said Roye. "Our molds are perfect for any drink, both for kids and adults. They make great novelty gifts, very easy to use and dishwasher safe." she added. Confident in the quality of their product Cuzzina offer a lifetime guarantee. You can buy from through this link: