IFC Markets Launches Uninterrupted Trading CFDs on Futures

IFC Markets is proud to announce about totally new product in CFD market:synthetic uninterrupted CFDs on Futures

Online PR News – 24-August-2014 – London – Day by day increasing number of clients is showing interest towards such instruments as CFDs on Indexes and Commodities. For this purpose, IFC Markets has developed synthetic CFDs on futures that are traded uninterruptedly without an expiration date.
Synthetic future contracts may be defined as non interrupting futures. Clients can look the whole trading history of each contract (starting from the very beginning till the current rates) on a single graph in real time on their trading terminals.
It is a known fact that ordinary Futures have expiration dates that force traders to take note of the date of expiry of any future contracts and make sure to close their positions before the indicated day. Otherwise, an Exchange (futures issuer) will automatically close the position, and the resulting costs will pass on to clients. That is why trading without any expiration dates is a significant advantage over trading futures with fixed time intervals.
What is more important, uninterrupted trading is very important benefit in PCI trading, since if these groups of instruments had expiration dates, the created PCI would break down every time the date approached, causing inconveniences to traders.
Taking into consideration all inconveniences, IFC Markets has presented unique opportunity to trade uninterruptedly CFDs on Indexes and Commodities. It is important to note that the principle of building futures differs for each group of instruments.
Index CFDs, such as DJI, SP500, Nd100, DAX, CAC40, FTSE100 and NIKKEI are calculated uninterruptedly without an expiration date on the basis of nearest futures on stock indices of the USA, Germany, France, Great Britain and Japan by the following formula:
«The instrument quote» = «Quote of the nearest liquid future» - «The deviation of the future price from the index value».
For Commodity CFDs the calculation is different. For example, the instrument OIL is calculated uninterruptedly, without an expiration date, on the basis of two nearest futures on Light Sweet Crude Oil by using the following formula:
OIL = F1 x T1 / T + F2 x (T - T1) / T, where:
F1 – quote of the nearest liquid futures contract
T — nominal time between the dates of expiration of two futures
T1 – time remaining until the expiration of the futures contract (F1)
F2 – quote of the liquid futures contract following the first futures

To summarize, IFC Markets is among the leading brokers in CFD market. The company prioritizes providing the best possible services and products, so as to satisfy the most demanding clients. Synthetic instruments were aimed to remove all existing inconveniences that the clients had to face because of expiration dates and the resulting costs. The company is continuing to generate new ideas to satisfy the clients' expectations.