VkareIT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. announces Custom VPS-Fully managed VPS hosting

VkareIT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the Company with the aim of providing better and cheap services to the business.

Online PR News – 24-August-2014 – Jaipur / Rajasthan – Jaipur, 21st July, 2014- VPS is the Virtual Private Server which is in fact the machine not in real but in the virtual form which is sold as a service by the VPS hosting Companies thus allowing other companies or the clients to use it as dedicated Physical server and allowing the use as same as a dedicated Physical Server. This method is the cheap one in comparison to the physical server but may be less in terms of performance when in comparison to the physical server.

VkareIT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has come up with a offer to all the interested parties to allow them build their own Custom VPS which will be fully managed Hosting VPS Server. The company has many different offers like Web Hosting, Website Development and its promotion through Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, WHMS Development and Server Management.

With the fully upgradeable option available and 24/7 support availability, the company aims to provide all its clients with the most advanced, reliable and cheap VPS Hosting facility to them. The remote backup which provides additional safety and the option to root anywhere access, VkareIT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is providing enough at the cost of $22 per month. When it comes to the case of Indian Client the amount can be quoted at Rs. 1350 per month. The company is much focused to increase its customer base through such attractive offers which are beneficial to the clients in all the aspects either it be price, features, convenience or security.

With the present location of Jaipur, the company is always aiming big when it comes to the case of clients. The company aims to provide the best services with full dedication and expert services and extends their quota of satisfied customers thus improving their success stories and expanding their recognition. The aim of the Company is to bring such exclusive offers for the clients all over the world and motivate them to avail new and beneficial services at their disposal.

The offer of such Custom VPS will allow several businesses to build their own VPS with custom configuration and with unique specifications. With the customer and expert support available all the time, the companies have the chance to enquire about anything on technical aspects in case of being stuck up in the middle. The affordable price allows companies to avail the high quality VPS Hosting Solutions at the negligible price and that too with the custom plan.

About the Company

VkareIT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the Company with the aim of providing better and cheap services to the business is the ideal platform to save some money and get better services.The company has expert team members who are expert in their own fields and thus provide better and most reliable services and fault free services. This Indian Company is expanding itself with full speed and creating a brand of itself all over the world. For more Information on this company,

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