Total Motion Release Teaches How To Outsmart Pain

Total Motion Release is helping people to get rid of their physical pain by treating the non-injured areas of the body with wide range of programs such as physical therapy seminars, videos and books, and home study courses; but in a different way.

Online PR News – 03-August-2010 – – July 21, 2010 – Total Motion Release has become one of the leading online resources to offer help on treating different types of bodily pains. It provides pediatric physical therapy seminars, online physical therapy, videos and books on how to get rid of pain. However, it adopts a unique approach to treat the bodily pains. Instead of treating the area of injury that everyone normally does, it adopts treating the area that is not injured. The team of Total Motion Release has conducted several researches on this process, and it was proven that treating the injured area is one of the slowest processes to heal injuries. When other areas are treated, effective results are availed much faster.

The website of Total Motion Release is featuring a library where the visitors get videos of almost every possible physical therapy, except for treatment of wound. The featured videos are immensely enjoyable and easy to learn. At present there are several videos showing treatment procedures for pediatrics, orthopedic and acute pain, along with informative videos on strike rehab, women’s health, skilled nursing and home health.

The site brings in physical therapy seminars t affordable price and convenient credit hours. The visitors can access both live as well as online seminars and also order for home study materials. There are different levels of these seminars and the price varies according to the levels chosen by the visitors.
Accessing every offering of Total Motion release is not chargeable. The website features some exciting free stuffs such as free e-books and videos that can be downloaded easily by the visitors.

Latest news and updates about the site can be checked on the blogs and message board section. Numerous dedicated and new users keep an eye on this section to learn about the latest updates and offerings.

About Total Motion Release:
Total Motion Release is an online resource offering videos, books and seminars on teaching how to fix different types of pains, without healing the injured area. It has a physical therapy center in Raleigh (contact number- 919)872-2828). For seminars and Continuing Education, contact (206)-910-3581). For more details, visit