Agile Estimating and Planning training in Budapest, Hungary on 26th Sep 2014

Agile Skills, Agile Framework, Agile Development.

Online PR News – 24-August-2014 – Budapest – One of the most important aspects of agile development training is estimating and planning. Yes, these are important, even for agile software development. Although agile is a fluid and iterative process, that doesn't mean that planning doesn't have a place in its programming and project management.

Estimating and Planning is one of the key factors that influence the outcome of any project. Our course on Agile Estimation and Planning addresses how best to create practical, useful and reliable plans for your software development projects, and what constitutes ‘just enough’ when it comes to upfront requirements, up front sizing and design. Multiple approaches to estimating, including unit-less points and ideal time are demonstrated and participants will be taught four techniques for deriving estimates, including the popular Planning Poker® technique. Such techniques have been shown to increase estimation accuracy and these proven planning techniques dramatically increase any project’s chances of on-time completion.