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Facade Access solution includes providing complete cleaning of building facades and prepares for heavy maintenance.

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Occupational health and safety is a prime and common requirement for industries and residential structures as well. The point of maintenance and renovation need not remain a matter of hindrance or uncompromising to those who are involved in maintenance or those who inhabit inside and nearby. Though Facade access features have not been included while creating a building design, however, in recent days it has become a compulsory requirement to provide safety to workers who are involved in renovation or maintenance activities in vertical structures.

Facade Access solution includes providing complete cleaning of building facades and prepares for heavy maintenance. It includes overall analysis of building design which makes it accessible for replacement work, maintenance and cleaning, etc in future. Facade access services are a kind of support provided in advance to avoid complications on reworking aspects on high rise buildings. It also helps to reduce financial risks concerning building design. Expertise solutions remain beneficial for industries in terms of planning economically cost effective solutions for future requirements.

Exterior maintenance is a risk process and getting the assistance of Facade access consultants would be the best way. They are people who can bring our innovative, cost effective and safe solution for building exterior maintenance irrespective of the shape and size of the building. For high rise commercial buildings Facade access consultants would be the best people to suggest and bring out ideal maintenance solutions. They work with a team of trained professionals who proceed maintenance services for building exteriors by strictly adhering to safety rules and therefore without creating possibilities of accidents or break.

Renovation remains a part of building maintenance activities; especially for high rise structures of commercial activities renovation projects add life and attraction to the existing model. For more information on refurb and modernisation projects visit - http://www.dunbarboardman.com/render.aspx?siteID=1&navIDs=82,179,180&C_Id=61 When it comes to approaching Facade access design solutions, they can manage overall analysis of the present building structure considering the following aspects such as,

Risk assessment,
Application of equipments to process with exterior maintenance,
Calculating the structural load,
Bringing cost effective solutions, etc.

These factors reduce the risk of creating unexpected and possible damages.

Dunbar and Boardman is one of the leading Facade access consultancies operating in different parts of the globe and provide expertise solutions for Facade access maintenance and vertical transportation features for existing and new constructions. We provide customized solutions for each client and ensure a complete, comprehensive and efficient structure with advanced access options. We consider quick access aspects and focus on easier way of working at the same time remain efficient and timely in planning and execution. If you are looking for a perfect Facade access in Cardiff or Bahrain, or a equipments for Vertical transportation in UAE or India come and approach us to show you the right solution for Facade Access & Vertical transportation.

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Dunbar and Boardman provides horizontal/vertical transportation services and building maintenance units (BMU) consultancy including elevator, escalator, facade access equipments requisites like design, installation, technical/contract reviews, project management and commissioning, maintenance and servicing for cleaning and maintaining high rise buildings with the help of expert BMU consultants following the optimal operational international standards of quality and safety. For more information about facade access and vertical transportation solutions contact us at below mentioned address-

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