Kiserena Launches Loom Band Kit For Creating Cool Bracelets

Kiserena Has Released a Loom Band Kit for Kids Who Love Creating Cool Bracelets and New Charms

Online PR News – 22-August-2014 – South Riding/VA – Kiserena is happy to announce the launch of their latest product Kiserena Loom Band Kit that keeps young children who really enjoy weaving bands into bracelets, rings and necklaces completely supplied with stylish accessories and entertaining colors.

Many kids, parents and even grandparents have been captivated in the hottest toy craze that's sweeping the nation. The loom band has become very popular in YouTube and also in numerous schools and households around the country. This rainbow loom stimulates creativity and gives kids the happiness from creating charm bracelets and giving them out to their friends.

Hence, Kiserena has produced a loom band kit for those who are fond of creating stylish bracelets. This loom kit includes 4200 bands which have twelve different colors. These colors are from the very common and cool colors, such as black, purple, turquoise, navy blue, teal, green, orange, red, yellow, white and pink. The Kiserena Loom Band Kit also includes 170 S clips with seven loom hooks and is available exclusively on

"Our loom bands come with removable dividers, which can easily be moved around to organize the things inside the case. This case is very easy to use and convenient, which is great for organizing things and keeping them neat," says Mr. Cheng, spokesperson for Kiserena Loom Bands Kit.

For a recent customer Dan, this product is great: "We purchased this for our granddaughter who is eight years old and instead of messing around with all the electronic devices she is spending most of time inventing something new with this loom band kit. She really likes to do crafts and this was a great choice for her. There are far more than enough Loom Bands to keep them entertained for a long time."

Kiserena is only offering quality guaranteed products combined with the most excellent customer service to ensure customers are glad with every single purchase. The products offered by Kiserena are always supported by a 100% satisfaction guarantee for more secure feeling.

"This craft toy is really fun for young kids and with the launch of the Kiserena Loom Band Kit we are sure that kids will find it more fun and consider it as the greatest present they ever had," said Mr. Cheng.