Messiah Joshua: Art of War Redefined...

Messiah is an Abstract Expressionist from NYC who is twofold because not only does he immerse himself with his art but he also is in tune with current events.

Online PR News – 22-August-2014 – New York, NY – There has been a great deal of focus in the media on the recent tragedies in Gaza due to the war between the Israelites and Hamas. The war has been rifling the lives of children, every so often there are gruesome photos that even the busiest New Yorker would sympathize with. Word has gotten around pretty much everywhere, especially to young New York artist, Messiah Joshua. His latest collection titled: Gaza details works on canvas, paper, masks and clothing. The collection itself is filled with passion, anxiety, rage, sympathy, and a wide range of emotions that keeps the viewer in a daze for so long you'd think you were in the Twilight Zone. What's more precious about Messiah's, Gaza is that he explains how dear the actual paintings are to his heart as he felt it crumble watching all the news on the war. In hopes of sending positivity and making a change toward a brighter outcome between Israel and Hamas, Messiah urges his fans and viewers to hashtag: #MessiahJoshua #ArtGaza and spread the word on why world peace is necessary and how imperative it is for our generation to continue the movement whether through hashtags: #MessiahJoshua #Pray4Gaza #Peace4Gaza #Messiah4Gaza #Peace4Children or reblogging/retweeting. The point is to make a voice heard through an unseen imagination. By spreading awareness through the most creative forms it is possible to open the eyes of the blind-sided individuals who are urging these wars and attacks to continue. Messiah Joshua has taken his artistic eye and gained a great deal of supporters who share his vision and keep the dream alive.