Katie Miranda Jewelry Releases Arabic Calligraphy Hoodies

Katie Miranda Jewelry Releases Arabic Calligraphy Hoodies

Online PR News – 22-August-2014 – Portland – California, August 20. Katie Miranda Jewelry has released a new range of Arabic calligraphy hoodies for individuals who appreciate the aesthetics of the Arabic script; and everyone else who is interested in the culture and customs of the Middle East and surrounding areas with a large Islamic influence. The nine beautifully calligraphed Islamic hoodies have been designed for men and women. They read out profound, yet cool, messages crafted in eye-pleasing Arabic letters.

“There has been a surge in interest in the culture of the Middle East during the last few years,” said the founder of Katie Miranda Jewelry, Katie Miranda. “The latest range of islamic hoodies is an attempt to cater to this interest and to people who think the Middle East and North Africa are culturally diverse and rich places with much to offer to the rest of the world.”

The Arabic calligraphy hoodies come in four sizes - small, medium, large, and extra large. They are made from high quality cotton and other natural materials. Currently, the hoodies are available in two colors--black for men and women and a more feminine plum for women.

“Super cute, super stylish, and totally you,” said Miranda while describing the new hoodies.

The hoodies come with messages of peace, freedom, liberation, and rebellion--something many Americans can relate to.

“America has been founded on the principles of freedom and rebellion against status quo,” said Katie Miranda. “And these hoodies reflect that. They symbolize quintessential American values that find representation in the Islamic culture.”

For more information please read here http://bit.ly/1roF06p

About Katie Miranda Studios

Katie Miranda Studios is an American store offering Islamic jewelry and hoodies with aesthetically pleasing Arabic calligraphy imprinted onto them. It was founded by Katie Miranda who studied the art of Arabic calligraphy under the world famous calligrapher, Ehab Thabet. She has done a Bachelor of Fine Arts in illustration and a Master of Fine Arts in graphic novels. She is also a human rights activist.

The inspiration for founding Katie Miranda Studios came to her during the three years she spent in the Palestine West Bank while working as an activist for the International Solidarity Movement. It was there she got a chance of learn the local language. On her return to the U.S., she took a jewelry class and decided to combine the art of jewelry fabrication with Arabic calligraphy.

Today, she runs an online store from Oregon that offers her beautifully written calligraphic messages on jewelry and clothing.