The new and informative website was released today. The site promotes the revolutionary hypothermic cell preservation product ROKEPIEĀ®-S01.

Online PR News – 21-August-2014 – Groningen, the Netherlands – Sulfateq BV, a growing biotechnology research company, released its new and informative website to promote its hypothermic preservation product ROKEPIEĀ®-S01 today.

CEO and founder of Sulfateq BV, Mr Kees van der Graaf acknowledges that the need for a more informative website grew. ā€œAfter the product launch of ROKEPIEĀ® in 2013, we noticed that the interest of the Pharmaceutical / Biotech Industry in ROKEPIEĀ® is growing rapidly. We needed an online platform to redirect people to the requested informationā€, Van der Graaf explains. ā€œNow our website provides detailed info about applicable purposes, tested cell lines and - ofcourse - about ROKEPIEĀ®-S01 itselfā€. The information is detailed and we have made it easy to find your answer in our FAQ-section by using several categories or get in touch with our Social Media activitiesā€.

According to Van der Graaf, the website is designed to get informed in just a glimpse, but also to find more detailed information to make sure that the product really matches what the website visitor is looking for. Requesting a free sample or ordering ROKEPIEĀ® is now easy and visitor-friendly. In the future the website will be updated with a blog, events calendar and more publications and articles, as well as business cases from customers using ROKEPIEĀ®. Subscribing to the ROKEPIEĀ® Information List to keep informed is therefore a good idea.

Located in Groningen, the Netherlands, Sulfateq BV applies a revolutionairy technology, which enables the extended storage of mammalian cells in a phase of hibernation. Sulfateqā€™s first market ready product is ROKEPIEĀ®-S01, a hypothermic preservation additive for short-term & cell-friendly cell protection.