AcTax Solutions announces AccountExact

AccountExact – Account Management, Payroll & Bookkeeping solution for Accountant, no re-entering of client data, saves 1/3rd time, enables 1/3rd more customers, helps quadruple revenues instantly

Online PR News – 03-August-2010 – – August 3rd 2010, Georgia, USA: Actax Solutions, a leading accounts and tax software products company, today announced a comprehensive accounting software suite for Accountants and SMEs – AccountExact & ClientExact. While AccountExact is a comprehensive Account management and Bookkeeping solution for accountants, Client Exact is a comprehensive Accounting and Payroll write-up solution for organizations that provides seamless integration with Account Exact. Both AccountExact and ClientExact can be deployed in tandem at accountant’s office and businesses respectively.

“With ClientExact software on client side, accountants do not need to enter any of their clients transactions including after-the-fact payroll, checks, AR & AP, neither do they need to worry about dropping off / picking up client returns reports ever again!” said Vijay Patel, CEO of Actax Solutions.

“Accountants and their client both can work on the same book at the same time for any period without worrying about back-up or version compatibility issues. Accountants may simply review, make adjustments, prepare reports and send it to their client with built in file cabinet, rendering the office completely paperless, . Moreover, accountants can charge consulting fees for implementing software on client side and also expand businesses through free websites for them and their clients. Now, boost productivity and accelerate processes for even the most complex accounting challenges with AccountExact”

About AccountExact:
AccountExact is a comprehensive Account Management and Bookkeeping solution specifically designed to suit an Accountant/CPA’s office. AccountExact offers seamless integration with ClientExact – a client side payroll and write-up solution, and provides customizable templates for inventory/ bill/ invoices/ statements/ customer/ vendor to suit your business needs.

AccountExact features a client side file cabinet feature for fast access to forms/reports and facilitates e-filing support to a host of forms for Federal and State Payroll Tax while eliminating the need to re-key your payroll/AR/AP or bank check book.

Key features:
• Complete Payroll, Account Receivable, Account Payable, Bank and write-up package featuring
• Federal 940, 941, W-2, W-3, State Unemployment, Withholding forms as well as State Sales Tax returns
• Accelerates data processing by automatically fetching data from the client database and updating corresponding fields in the accountant database
• File Cabinet feature allows quick access to previously developed Forms, Reports, etc.
• Facilitates online registration of accountants/CPAs and creation of companies (clients)
• Comprises checks, customer, vendor, general ledger, banks & reports modules
• Unique Fiscal Year wise working facility to avoid errors in processing loads of data
• Allows accountants and/or clients to create, approve, view, print and download paychecks, and every kind of extensive and flexible report, online
• Prompts accountants and clients on latest data updates made by the counterpart
• Supports preparation of Form 940, 941, W-2 and W-3 through e-filing facility
• Payroll package supports Unemployment and Withholding Forms
• Supports conversion from Quick Books, Direct Deposit and Direct Tax Payment
• Offers online access to process payroll, print checks, approve checks and reports

Technology & Certification:
The complete software suite has been developed on our native platform in open source JAVA, enabling a possible deployment in India, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa & Netherlands. The software has been thoroughly tested and is approved by IRS since 2004. A team of 80 professionals in India are currently updating, supporting and marketing the software.

Value Proposition:
The AcTax software bridges the gap between accountants, tax professionals, small business owners and individual tax payers through a seamless, efficient and user friendly process that increases productivity. Business owners are not competent Accountant or Tax professionals to process their own accounting and tax work. With Actax software, accounting and tax will always be handled by competent professionals who can also offer consultancy services to eradicate accounting errors. The software is developed on Open source JAVA Platform, thus avoiding version compatibility issues. It consists of Payroll, Customer, Vendor, Bank, e-file and File Cabinet modules apart from SalesTax and Payroll utilities. Desk top based & Online Applications can be deployed on computers, PDA, mobile phones, etc.

With AccountExact, accountants can assume full control of their business and quadruple their revenues instantly. AcTax software eliminates need to re-enter client transactions through client side payroll and write- up software. Accountants no longer need to drop off or pick up client return reports, since data can be transferred via the highly secure AcTax server. Besides, accountant and client can now work simultaneously on the same book at the same time for any duration in a completely paperless office. Dedicated websites and free promotion on AcTax websites provide accountants access to past, current and future AcTax customers. With over 10 years and 4000 man months of research and development, AcTax software is truly formidable and bankable for accounting and finance.

AccountExact is on offer at a yearly edition price of $199. Customers get 5 free companies for 1 year. For every new company creation, customers will be charged $9.95 monthly. Further, the client-side accounting software – ClientExact (small business accounting software) is available for free to accountants.

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