DirecTV to Kick-Off New Channel Directed atFantasy Football Fans

If you're a high level road warrior -- along with a fantasy football supporter -- here's some interesting news: satellite TV giant DirecTV is introducing a new channel before the 2014 season focused squarely at you.

Online PR News – 21-August-2014 – Los Angeles – If you are a seasoned road warrior -- along with a fantasy football supporter -- here's some interesting news: satellite TV giant DirecTV is launching a new channel just in time for the 2014 season targeted squarely at you. Known as "The Fantasy Zone, the new channel will be a part of DirecTV's wildly profitable "Sunday Ticket" package, which now includes its own channel called "The Red Zone." In case you've been living under a boulder, you have at least heard about fantasy leagues, aka "rotissierie teams," after the New York restaurant where fantasy baseball was birthed. Basically, leagues involve teams of fans getting together, forming their own "teams" comprised of actual players that all play on various teams in real life, and then playing "games" in which the winner is determined by the real world efficiency of the real gamers on some mutually-agreed upon {date|day| At last count, some 19 million fans own a team in a fantasy league of one of the major sports. Whilst Major League Baseball launched "Man Cave" a few years ago to cater to the particular fantasy leaguers, the NFL brassl has been slower to take note. But that's changing fast, as league officials eye your explosive growth of this particularl "sport," and the obsessive attention to the real sport which makes all of the fantasy possible. The Fantasy Zone channel will be broadcasting even though games are going on, but will focus exclusively on how the actual action is affecting your day's fantasy stats, with up tothe minute game-to-game analysis, game stats and on-screen tickers that offer forecasts and key player updates. Hosting thischannel will be former NFL linebacker Dhani Jones along with Kay Adams, who has crowned herself as a fantasy sporting activities expert for NBC Sports' Rotoworld internet site.Unlike the Red Zone Channel, that airs from DirecTV's Los Angeles headquarters, the Fantasy Zone will be broadcast from a exposed-brick loft in New York. The setting sounds more similar to MLB's "Fan Cave" set than the Red Zone's set. While there will be game-surfing, there will also be celebrity guest hosts, a live studio audience and even an on-set kitchen in which a full-time in-studio chef will whip up gameday recipes for viewers at home.Road warriors who spend hours in hotel rooms, may most certainly appreciate The Red Zone if they are in to fantasy "team owners". DirecTV is a major participant in the hotel sat tv industry, and is widely accessible at finer restaurants coast-to-coast.To learn more, visit this great website - hotel satellite tv system If you have time click on this link motel satellite television.