Bayside Limousines Announces 5-Star Performance Guarantee for Customers

Bayside Limousines, the expert provider of luxury transport solutions, has announced a new 5-star performance guarantee.

Online PR News – 21-August-2014 – 21-8-2014/Sydney – Bayside Limousines, the expert provider of luxury transport solutions, has announced a new 5-star performance guarantee based upon three key customer service commitments:

1. Service Guarantee 1. Bayside Limousines will collect a customer on time or their journey is free.

2. Service Guarantee 2. The vehicle provided will be absolutely 100% spotless. Every vehicle is subject to a stringent ‘clean and service’ every time it goes on the road.

3. Service Guarantee 3. The driver will be professional and courteous, drive safely, know where they’re going and treat all customers with the utmost respect.

Critically, they guarantee that if any of the above guarantees are not met, they will refund their clients the entire cost of the journey.

Bayside Limousines business owner, Oris Squadrito, stressed his personal commitment to the guarantees.

Squadrito commented:

“I served my apprenticeship originally as a chauffeur and I have first-hand experience of the service levels demanded by clients.

As a chauffeur, I never delivered sub-standard service and when I formed Bayside Limousines, I was determined to ensure that my personal values became a non-negotiable cornerstone of the company’s operating philosophy.

I have zero-tolerance of poor performance and detest excuses. What our customers will never hear from Bayside Limousines are things such as “sorry, the driver overslept”, “unfortunately the chauffeur got lost” or “we didn’t get time to valet our vehicle”.

That’s why we’re so confident in offering our above 5-star guarantee and to support that with a hard financial underpinning.

Frankly, I don’t anticipate any of our clients ever needing to claim it but it is there to show our quality commitment in our provision of service. It also isn’t just my undertaking – every member of the Bayside Limousines team is behind it. That’s not just because I insist upon it but because they wholeheartedly believe in it. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be part of our team to begin with.”

People with business or personal limousine rental requirements who would like to know more of this guarantee scheme are invited to visit Bayside Limousine’s website.

About Bayside Limousines

Bayside’s Limousine hire Sydney services are based upon an extensive fleet of vehicles including stretch limousines, luxury cars, modest-capacity ‘people mover’ type transport as well as large luxury coaches.

Their history goes back to 1981 with the business undergoing a huge strategic expansion in the Millennium.

Their services include:

• Airport Transfers
• Executive business transport
• Trips and tours
• Weddings, Christenings and Funerals (plus other family events)
• Social events
• Event co-ordination and bookings.

Specialising in personal service and a commitment to excellence, their services are underpinned by a series of guarantees including that of punctuality, whereby they’ll offer the transport for free if they’re late.

For further information

To learn more, please contact:

Bayside Limousines
50 Correys Avenue
Concord NSW 2137

(02) 8765 9782

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You can also peruse their newsletters to learn more of the company’s history by visiting their website