KshemTech Media Pvt. Ltd. Celebrated Independence Day with Kids of Orphanage

KshemTech Media (KTM) Pvt. Ltd. celebrated the 68th Independence Day of India with the kids of an orphanage.

Online PR News – 21-August-2014 – Ahmedabad, GJ – 15-Aug-2014, Indian Independence Day, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India – KshemTech Media Pvt. Ltd. celebrated the 68th Independence Day of India in an indifferent way. The team of KTM visited an orphanage. The team took part into the flag hoisting and sang the national anthem with the children of the orphanage. The children gave mesmerizing performance by singing patriotic songs. The kids also performed dance and drama on the theme of independence. The young performers won the hearts of the crowd.

After the performances there were a few speeches delivered by the orphanage authorities. Our Marketing Head, Aarti Vyas, also got an opportunity to share her thoughts to the young generation. She stated in her speech, India is one of the richest countries in terms of youth. The majority of the population is young and we all should take a pledge on this day that we won't misuse our freedom. We will not fly away to abroad after completion of the studies. Rather, we all will try to be a part of the rising India. We all complaint about corruption, but we are not trying to stop it, at least from our end. So let's take one more plead that we won't be the part of the corruption. We won't stimulate it from our end. So I urge to all people present here, stop bargain after breaking any law, including the traffic signal. Pay your taxes on time with accuracy. Help people in need. India will grow only if we will start growing. Change will be there, good days will come, but we have to be the Initiators.”The people in the crowd accepted the revolutionary thoughts with a loud applause. The eyes of kids were shining with the clear emotion of nationalist.

After completion of all the performances and speech, the light snacks were distributed to the available audience and kids. Team KTM distributed the stationeries like pencils, pens, rubbers, and a few notebooks. The Independence Day was full of joy and zeal with the next generation of the independent India.

On this occasion directors of KshemTech Media talked with us and shared their thoughts, “People usually celebrate Independence day and republic day as a holiday. They go for dinner or sleep till late, but I think they should remember the way our freedom fighters sacrificed their life for our independence and we should respect it. Don't take it for granted.” When we asked about the visit of KTM team to the orphanage, Aarti Vyas, Marketing Head of KTM stated that “this is something the team of KTM always likes to do. Spend time with the people who need an emotional support. These kids might not have the family and on such patriotic day, we decided to tell them the India is a family and we are always there for them.”

This is how the KTM team celebrated the Independence Day. They tried to contribute to the society from their side

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