Codebox Launches a New Plug-In on Google Chrome.

Codebox recently launched a new extension on Google Chrome named Link-Klipper. This free plug-in allow the web users to extract all URL links from a web-page.

Online PR News – 20-August-2014 – Mumbai, India – Codebox, truly abiding by its mission to bring in innovative products onto the table, has launched a new plug-in on Google Chrome gallery. This extension has been developed by the experts at Codebox, with an intention to facilitate the web users in having easy access to the URL links present on a web page.

Branded as “Link Klipper” the new tool launched by Codebox, is a free of cost and easy to use tool which can be added instantly to your Chrome browser. With an array of web development products that Codebox continues to cater to its audience, finding new avenues and optimizing them has been the pivotal role of this growing company. Besides their core activities in providing enterprise solutions, application development and web development, the genius team at Codebox seeks pleasure in capitalizing on any small or big opportunities.

This free of cost extension on Google Chrome has been highly appreciated by web users and specially the SEO professionals. Till date, the errand of extracting URL links from a web page was a cumbersome task. With Link Klipper, the job is not only easier but faster as well. A single click and the user can extract all the URL links in .csv format and have the file saved on their system. This facility becomes more useful when multiple important links to images or information is required to be stored for future use. Besides, the web users, the SEO professionals also find a high utility of this tool. The plug-in since its launch has rapidly spread in the SEO and web users’ community.

Understanding the pulse of the market and identifying the precise need of users is the key quality of Codebox. This feature makes them come up with innovative and ground-breaking products that empower the users with tools that can be used in many spectrums of their work as well as personal life. Codebox has already set a remarkable print in IT and its allied services. With their ever-growing desire to bring out new products from their kitty bag, this restless company leaves no stone unturned and converts any small or big opportunity to a milestone.
Link Klipper is a new and unique entity in Google Chrome extension gallery which proves to be a useful resource for many web users. The purpose of using this Chrome link extractor tool could range with different perspectives, however getting an easy access to these links and having the facility to store them for future use, makes this tool more in demand and liked by the users.

Codebox invites all its fan-base and web users to experience the benefit of this versatile Chrome plug-in.

To install the plugin, visit: