Pompano Beach Business Lawyer Launched Website

Pompano Beach Business Lawyer Launched Website with the help of PaperStreet Web Design.

Online PR News – 20-August-2014 – Pompano Beach, Florida – The Law Offices of Jacob C. Jackson, P.A., a Pompano Beach Public Entity, Business law firm, has just launched an Essentials website.

The Law Offices of Jacob C. Jackson, P.A. is a Florida-based, boutique law firm serving professionals and other clients from the firm’s offices in Pompano Beach, FL. The firm limits its representation to private businesses, public (e.g. governmental) or publicly funded (e.g. quasi-governmental) entities, taxing districts, for profit educational institutions (e.g. schools, colleges), and not for profit/nonprofit organizations (e.g. charities, trade associations, health & human services organizations, foundations, advocacy groups, or other fundraising entities).

As the founder and principal shareholder of the firm, Jacob C. Jackson, Esq. believes that it is as equally important to understand the operations and philosophy of client’s organization or entity as well as the matter that requires the immediate retention of a law firm or an attorney. Most of the recurring legal issues and costs that are faced by a client and their organization are due in large part to the organization’s failure to have a legal and risk management plan as part of their operation. Even in those instances where there is a risk management plan, the recommendations stemming from that plan may be incomplete due to the organizations inability to strategically consider the underlying future legal issues and consequences associated with the identified risks. Lack of a legal plan results in the client’s failure to mitigate or eliminate the recurrence of an issue or condition that initially led to the retention of legal services by the client’s organization.

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