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Bert Seale Former Golf Tour Player to Work with Future Stars of Golf. Selects Eagle Marsh Golf Club a Fabio design.

Online PR News – 19-August-2014 – Jenson Beach – Having taught Matt Kuchar a PGA Tour player from a young age and watching him flourish as a professional golfer, has been one of the highlights in Bert Seale's career. Seale is known for his amazing techniques which work for golfer stars-to-be. A secret he has kept for 18 years. "I never really talked about how I helped Matt Kuchar because I respect his privacy and I don’t like to blow my own horn, but after many years and with Matt’s blessing, I have decided to speak out so that others can benefit from the technique that worked so well for him."

Bert teaches and shares his approach at the Seale Golf School. Guido Gulla from Gulla Sports Management reported today that Seale has selected Eagle Marsh G.C. located in beautiful Jensen Beach Florida. Seale quoted that he has always enjoyed Mr. Fazio’s golf course designs and is happy to open his golf school at Eagle Marsh. Each hole has a story and will give the golfer a true golfing experience.

closed eye technique

Bert Seale, a professional golfer himself, has more than 29 years of experience. Bert definitely knows this game. Now he’s taking the world of golf a step further by accepting new young future stars of golf at his golf school. The school will also focus on underprivileged young golfers. Guido Gulla said he will be reaching out to local businesses to help them reach these goals.

Having built a reputation of success with both Matt Kuchar and his son, Joshua Seale, who currently plays pro tournaments around the world, both using Seale’s techniques. The technique that helps golfers better understand their visual perceptions to master the game. Instead of golf mastering the player, Seale describes it as the “closed eye technique” which allows individuals to change the behavioral outcome by mentally changing the visual perception. Seale will help individuals develop new and exciting ways of looking at things and as a training tool, the closed eye technique helps them boost performance and concentration.

Seale teaches the technique through offering various membership packages, that include golf instruction, free range balls, golf fitness and discounted rates at Eagle March G.C. Over and above the membership, clients receive an audit and evaluation of the processes they currently employ. The following months involve Seale working closely with the client, providing constant feedback.

In a pay-it-forward approach, Bert is now giving back what he earned from this game and the good news for his students is that he is now sharing his own experience with the golfing world. Besides his success in his golfing career, Bert always welcomes the approach from any amateur or professional players.

To sign up or receive information on how to become better at your golfing game, visit the Seale Golf School or go online. Bert can also be reach by calling Gulla Sports Management at 954-536-0486.

A secret that was kept for 18 years. A world top coach to countless PGA Tour, European PGA Tour and amateur players, Bert Seale is known throughout the golfing world for his creative teaching as Bert refers to his innovative closed eye technique .
As a x tour player and over 29 years of golfing experience. Bert's coaching has spanned three decades and he has often been recognized as the "man who changes behavioral outcome by mentally changing visual perception."
Bert's success story started when he took Matt Kuchar under his wing at a very young age. Matt used Bert's technique and the won US Amateur in1997, has won over 11 PGA tournaments and is ranked top 10 in World Golf Ranking. Aside from being the world's top golf instructor, Bert is also compiling golf instruction book and has developed an online coaching platform and app . He has also developed a sporting website for amateurs to brand themselves.
Bert Seale has developed a complete technique helping thousands of golfers throughout the world play better, shoot lowers scores, and have more fun while playing better golf.
Gulla Investments is the agent of Bert Seale and the Seale brand has marketed his services around globe and continues to impact the game of golf worldwide.

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