Xytron Updates and Freshens Up Blog

Following an attack by the heart bleed bug, Xytron have updated and added new features to their blog.

Online PR News – 19-August-2014 – Hereford, UK – Following an attack by the heart bleed bug our Wordpress blog has been re-launched.

New plug-ins, code and content have been added, with timely updates, news and support it offers a better experience for users. Data loss and subsequent recovery, please share this information with friends and colleagues who might find it of use.

The blog first went live back in 2011, and had a total of 42 posts, it attracted a number of page views with very few comments, most of which were spam intended to help the recipient of the link build link juice to their site for SEO reasons, all comments are checked regularly and are deleted if they are of no use, however please engage with the blog if you have a genuine comment or question.

The new blog will include specific cases, so for instance if your HDD is a WD My Passport, and you accidentally dropped it, then it may be worth checking through the blog to see if there are any case notes regarding the outcome and overall details to the recovery, please note this a new section and has very limited cases at present, and will be built up over time, the fact that your specific HDD is not listed is no indication that there are no solutions, 10 years trading and tens of thousands of cases later, our labs have seen and dealt with all failure types.

It takes resources, mostly time, to build a decent blog, it takes care and understanding to create the right content, to potentially lose it could be very upsetting or disastrous, here are the basics to help you avoid any issues with your Wordpress blog.

Keep the Wordpress code up to date, the latest version is 3.9.2, the heart bleed bug could potentially exploit vulnerabilities in some previous versions of Wordpress, updating is easy, login to your CP and look for the admin section here you will find the version you have, please compare it with the latest version and update as necessary, also check what if any plug-ins you have, some these can be of benefit and also have extra security features, however please ensure that you have a full and complete back up before you update, this includes FTP access to your MySQL database which would include that all important content.

If for some reason you do not have any backup of your blog, and you lose the theme, and all content, this might appear to be a total loss, there is one solution that might help you recover some information at least, the site is called Wayback Machine – Internet Archive, here the link to it http://archive.org/web/, this site makes periodic snapshots of over 423,000,000,000 (Billion) pages, it might well have some your content here, please note that this should only be used if you absolutely do not have a backup anywhere, it should not be abused/overused, or for web scraping in any way, this is especially true for large sites with potentially large content, it is also ran by contributions, please bear this in mind when using this service.

About Xytron Ltd.
Xytron data recovery is a provider of professional IT services, servicing consumers, organizations, SOHO and corporate retrieving inaccessible data from a variety of media such as disks, drives, USB pen, SSD and all backup devices, established in 2004 with an in house clean room facility, further information can be found here: http://www.xytron.co.uk

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